Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Snow White's posse wants a discount

JD's quotes: HBO's Deadwood

Ian McShane as saloon owner/Pimpmeister Al Swearengen:

''You better have a paying dwarf underneath you.''

Deadwood - Paula Malcomson as Trixie

Also from Deadwood: Paula Malcomson as prostitute Trixie:

''I can't be sure; never seen a rich person high before.''

Welcome to Say what? with JD and Lucy! Tonight's special guest: Bubba

Welcome to JD and Lucy's potentially pathetic attempt at an entertaining blog. We don't know what we're doing yet but we hope we can pick up on it quick. We hope to have a blog highlighting quotes from TV, movies, stand-up acts, etc. that will make you laugh, smile or just give a slightly bemused quarter of a head nodding gesture of recognition. This is a salute to the intentional as well as the unintentional great and humorous lines. They may be some of your favorite lines already or might persuade you to track down the source and just enjoy the living crud out of it. So, in that sense, it's great free advertising for them...because as we all know, rich celebrities need free advertising; It's science.

...Isn't that right Bubba?

Bubba: Yes, yes it is.