Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bill Cosby buzzkills us all with a good point

JD's quotes:


In Bill Cosby's famous ''Bill Cosby, Himself'' stand-up special he did a lot of famous material. Many can't go to a dentists without thinking of Doctor Cosby and some can't live one day with children without thinking of this routine, especially when a child utters the phrase ''I don't know'' in a pathetic, brain-damaged sort of way. Cosby also does a bit about drugs where he poses this question (which several annoying celebrity icons should ask themselves):

''And I said to a guy, I said uh- ''Tell me, you know, what is it about cocaine, that makes it so wonderful?'' and the guy said ''Well, . . . it intensifies your personality.'' and I said ''Yes, but what if you're an A--hole?''

Hey, wait a minute, does that mean that us folks with real nice personalities should maybe-never mind, it was just a thought, I won't bring it up again. Forget I even said anything.

Check out Cosby doing his classic dentist routine from Bill Cosby, Himself: