Sunday, November 25, 2007

. . .And, the critics did not rejoice (To quote a review of Rocky Balboa)

JD's quote:

There is a kind of pure bitterness which is unique to TV and movie critics. A kind of hatred and disgust that comes with the territory when a person is forced to review thousands of hours of ''acting''. I have a guilty pleasure for seeing how insulting and unfair critics can actually be and one of the most perfect opportunities for critics to go nuts-the last Rocky Sequel. Stephen Holden reviewed Rocky Balboa [Rocky movie number six, that is] in the New York Times and although it[the review] wasn't all bad,. . .one part just made me cringe. And I quote . . .

Stephen Holden:

''Mr. Stallone’s body is a sight. A weightlifter’s slab of aged meat, knotted with tiny hard veins popping out of the shoulders, it is just this side of muscle-bound and somewhat grotesque. It is something you might see hung in the window of a steak house and wonder what kind of carnivore would order such a leathery, sinewy carcass.''

. . . You know,. . .they pick on you when you're out of shape, they pick on you when you're in shape. . .come on. This was TANGO from Tango and Cash. Show some respect, damn you! . . . Whoa, sorry. I didn't mean to get so heated there. I'm just a really big fan of that movie. . .