Thursday, January 10, 2008

Is Skeletor Really A Saint?

Lucy's quotes:


We don't usually quote a website but...I really had to this time. I stumbled upon a small faction of people who celebrate St. Skeletor's Day...If you've never heard of the holiday of which I speak, here's a quote from the #1 St. Skeletor's Day site:

''St Skeletor's Day is a non-commercial alternative to the corporate whorefest that is St Valentine's Day.''

St Skeletor's Day ~ Click here to find the source of this anticorporate whorefest message.

Lucy's special note: Not all people have a problem with whorefests per say. I for instance, have nothing personal against them. Whores are cool, fests are nifty...put 'em both together and whoohoo! Corporate whorefests on the other hand are just not very festive by and large. I know, I've been to a few. The punch is awful, the music is usually ABBA, Rush and Styx...Maybe you should consider celebrating St. Skeletor's Day this year but if you like to take a reformist approach and change St. Valentine's day from within the system, you might start by making the corporate whorefest more festive and getting creative...

... so, anyways... we got videos for ya!

For anyone who grew up on these cartoons, here's two hilarious Skeletor videos-the dialogue, it should be obvious, is fake but I have to give props to the anti-Thundercats campaign: