Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Deep Thoughts...by Floyd Mayweather

JD's quotes:

''Pretty Boy'' Floyd Mayweather Jr., aka ''Money'' Mayweather, has done his best to set himself apart from all other boxers and certainly he has some interesting observations about why he might be so unique and about anyone who isn't thoroughly entertained by his skills.

Floyd on Larry Merchant [addressing the camera as Larry Merchant gives him an unimpressed post fight interview]:

''Larry Merchant is just a commentator, he don't know nothing about boxing.''

From the HBO documentary, Mayweather/Hatton 24/7:

Floyd on his mother's praise of him as a child:

''I think she knew that I was special because I think I was better than the rest of the kids.''

Also from HBO's Mayweather Hatton 24/7:

Floyd Mayweather Jr. on himself (I'll leave it out of context for laughs):

''I ain't got no hair...and I'm always green.''

Although at the time Floyd mentioned this last thought, he did appear to both be black and have some hair, I still believe him...why would anyone lie about that?