Wednesday, March 12, 2008

MMM, Cheap Ethnic Women

JD's quote:

Radio - talk about a beautiful place to gather quotes. Every host needs to fill time on talk radio and what comes out of their mouths is almost made for our site. Among the best are local radio guys. In the case of WNIR's Akron, Ohio talk radio host Howie Chizek, he's had about 300,000 people that have been tuning in, according to Wikipedia. Still, thankfully, Chizek gets away with almost anything he likes. Thankfully for me, that is. I love listening to Howie above all other local or national guys. Not only does he manage to often be inadvertently funny but he is also a financial adviser and expert on family values...or at least he plays one on the radio. He let go a good one yesterday and I thought I'd share it with you.

Howie Chizek:

''Women don't look at prices. The suburban American princesses, they don't look at prices. But uh, the ethnic women do. Like the Italians, they always look at prices. Good women!''

Howie, you are my radio version of Larry Merchant. Thanks for the laughs.

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