Sunday, August 17, 2008

Why did Cleopatra try to give up her throne to become a beekeeper?

Pictured above is Katie Morgan, sexual historian . . . and porn star. Okay, really more porn star than historian. Mostly an amateur historian and a professional porn star. If you want to get technical about it, that is.

Disclaimer: While this is not an X-Rated post on 'Say what?', there are adult subjects broached. You have probably guessed this as a likelihood, because you are smart and there's a picture of a porn star up there, but I thought I'd warn you anyway. It's not profane, but it is adult. Proceed at your own risk. Be safe. Wear protection. I am. I'm wearing a tin foil hat and ear muffs. I do that for every post, though. Don't ask.

JD'S Quotes:

So, why did Cleopatra try to give up her throne to become a beekeeper? As always, the smart ones will figure out the title by the end of the post. Anyway, I think I've mentioned that I love documentaries. I've also looked very hard for humorous quotes from documentaries for you all. So, out of a pure dedication to the readers of 'Say what?' and sheer intellectual curiosity for history and technology; I watched HBO's Katie Morgan On Sex Toys - A documentary on the history up to now of sex toys, narrated by brainy blonde pornographic starlet, Katie Morgan...who narrated the show nude even though it wasn't technically necessary in any way. Great documentary. Not only was it informative and funny but - Hey, did I happen to mention that Katie Morgan narrated the show nude? Because, she did do that, in case you had wondered. Here are some of nude narrator Katie Morgan's quotes from this fine, fine documentary where the narrator, Katie Morgan, nudely narrated:

*Oh, and by the way, the narrator, Katie Morgan,... she was nude the entire time she was narrating. I just thought I'd mention that. You know me, anything to get people excited about history.

1. Katie on approving of modern technological advances in sexual recreation:

''You know, there's probably never been a better time than today to be an out and out sex maniac.''

2. Katie Morgan on the proper priorities for all ancient cultures-anthropologically speaking, I believe:

''Well, actually, sex toys are hardly new. Consider the dildo. The very first sex toy has been around since the stone age! That's at least 20,000 years before the invention of the wheel. Well, first thing's first, I always say.''

3. Katie Morgan on psychology and impotence: What not to do:

''Comparing yourself to the Greek god of hard-ons could lead to a serious case of limp wiener.''

4. Katie Morgan, perhaps commenting on the most significant role Cleopatra played in ancient history:

''They say Cleopatra invented the very first vibrator by filling a gourd with buzzing bees.''

~Okay, most significant role from Katie's personal perspective.

5. Katie then talked about the completely true history of the modern electrically powered vibrator, which doctors used to treat hysteria in women. It was invented just for the purposes of this good old fashioned medical remedy. Before our next quote, a brief intermission . . . :

The following is a brief and possibly inaccurate reenactment of an early twentieth century doctor's office, from the makers of 'Say what?':

Nurse Willis: Hysterical again, Cathy? Well, the doctor will be with you in a moment.

(buzzing sound and yelling in the background)
Cathy: What's that buzzing sound, nurse Willis?
Nurse Willis: Well, let's just say that your treatments will go a lot faster, from now on.

Man, doctors can be incredibly brilliant healers, can't they? Okay, back to Katie's quote on this particular therapy:

''Unmarried women and nuns were especially encouraged to go in for weekly treatments . . . It was almost worth taking vows for.''

Now, I have known a few nuns in my time and even in this modern day in age, I think they could all use these treatments. Oh, sure. Now, it seems like sexist, chauvinistic, barbaric quackery but would you prefer politically correct medicine or a relaxed nun who doesn't want to kick your ass with a ruler? Be honest.

6. And, last but not least -also, most deserving of the disclaimer: Katie talks about the need for an appliance that can do just about anything, from a very old magazine ad, I think:

''How often do you get to shave your legs and get yourself off with one handy appliance? . . . Just don't get your attachments confused.''

Well, Katie, you have certainly given us all quite a bit to think about and some good advice about avoiding genital catastrophe with a multipurpose personal appliance. You are a smart lady and one hot historian. And, I salute you.