Saturday, August 4, 2007

Harland Williams gets multicultural and a little dyslexic

Lucy's quotes:

From Harland Williams' often pleasantly nonsensical stand-up comedy acts(which sometimes result in distracting ethnic runs):

''He was outta there faster than a little Norwegian whale skinner at a Chinese roasted walrus festival.''

''Do ya think dyslexic kids think Fuddruckers is really called MotherF*ckers?''

Here's Harland's Hilarious turn on the improv show ''Thank God You're Here'':

Jimmy Fallon clears up a zoological misnomer

JD's quotes:

This quote is from SNL Weekend Update's former anchor Jimmy Fallon. He may never have been able to keep a straight face but he did care about accuracy when he read the news, doggone it!

jimmy fallon

''Actually, to be accurate, they only became flying squirrels after the explosion.''

PS: Lucy would like to add that she's the big SNL fan of the two of us, and that it was pure fluke that I'm the one posting this one. You snooze, you lose, Lucy.