Friday, January 4, 2008

Between that and those photos on Entertainment Tonight...

JD's quote:

I can't help it, I just heard this one again recently and I had to give Larry Merchant another spot on ''Say what?''. I warn you, this likely won't be the last time either. Here's another beauty from the great sage Larry Merchant. The setting is shortly after the referee stopped the first fight between Julio Caesar Chavez and Oscar De La Hoya. Chavez was losing thoroughly and a cut had suspiciously appeared very early above his left eye. George Foreman hinted that Chavez suffered the cut in training and covered it up to make it to the ring. The cut looked terrible, refused to stop bleeding and the fight was called. Jim Lampley and George Foreman were praising De La Hoya cautiously when old Larry decided to chime in with this unlikely but typically colorful comparison:

''This kid is like a debutante with a knife in her purse.''

Larry, man are we ever gonna miss you when you retire.