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Crazy Frenchmen,...And Their Creamy Seeds? (WTF quotes from Jean-Claude Van Damme)

Crazy Frenchmen,...And Their Creamy Seeds? (WTF quotes from Jean-Claude Van Damme)

Lucy's Quotes:

Newsweek and Sarah Ball have made my month. After a long, long layoff from the great and strange Jean-Claude Van Damme, aka The Muscles From Brussels, I finally have a new blurb to cherish for it's WTFness, forever and ever. I love this crazy Belgian waffle brain. Honest, I do. Ever since that dance scene in Kickboxer, where his Muay Thai Master gets him absolutely fit-shaced on rice wine so he can do his sexy dance with barroom floozies and test his Muay Thai skill on their jealous men, I have loved him. I love him and I love that scene, doggone it.

Van Damme has always been... a little Euro-Loopy. First, he was just a fun European and if he seemed strange, it was just a cultural misunderstanding. Then, he was certifiably ''eccentric''. Then, just full-on wacky. That's the natural progression of Euro-Loopyism. That's a real mental condition. Sorry, Europeans. It's nothing personal. I love you all, but there's a percentage of you with this disease. It's medical science. It's on par with Amerigooberism, which is like the American equivalent of Euro-Loopyism. That's also a rough disease. Jay Leno interviews people with it on his Jaywalking segment on The Tonight Show. Very sad. Exploitative (Funny), if you ask me. Irregardless (Which isn't a word, I don't think), here are my chosen quotes from the Nov 15, 2008 Newsweek Van Damme interview, by Sarah Ball:

1. Interviewer, Sarah Ball: ''Why did you want to make a film that comments on your own life?''

Jean-Claude: ''I made this just to show some of the internal side of J.C.V.D., in a way. He's a guy, a normal guy from Belgium with dreams, and I did well in that type of path.''

~ Ah, yes. *That* type of path...The one where you have dreams. The funny thing is that some people who take the type of path where they have dreams tend to do well and others don't. Dreams. Can't live with them, can't live without 'em. (Shrugs) Maybe he specifically meant the path of being a guy, from Belgium, with dreams. I don't know. It wasn't that clear to me. What was clear is that he refers to himself as J.C.V.D. So, unfortunately, I'm now going to have to refer to him as just VD. Because, to call him JC would be too high an honor (Jesus reference) and to go with all four letters is just plain ridiculous. Even FDR and JFK only had the three letters. I'm giving this guy more letters than JFK in an abbreviation? I don't think so. What? Oh...Oh, don't give me that. Okay, fine! I would've given him all four letters back in the day of...THE DANCE. But, no. It's too late for that. That bridge has been burnt, Bucko.

2. VD answers a question about the beauty of his film about himself:

''I really opened myself up in "JCVD." I peeled back the skin of the fruit, cut the pulp and then took that very hard seed. In this film I cut that hard seed, and inside that seed was a kind of liquid cream substance of the man I am, or the woman you are.''

~ ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... I don't even know... ... ... ... ... ...I mean... What? What kind of fruit has-... Well, I won't get into that, because... Oh, boy.

Sarah replies to this statement: ''OK —''

VD cutting her off: ''It was like being naked—I would love to be naked in front of you.''

Sarah: ''Well, I —''

VD cutting her off to explain: ''Not being naked being naked. I say such things in Hong Kong and they thought I was being a crazy Frenchman.''

~ Yeah, imagine that? I guess the people of Hong Kong are the crazy ones for thinking you're completely monkey-dumpling bonkers?

3. VD decides to take the direction of the interview into unforeseen territory, by asking some questions of his own: ''And are you 27, or 32?''
Sarah, probably overjoyed: ''I'm 22.''

VD: ''Oh, f–––. That is very young. Will you come to the premiere?''

Sarah: ''I don't know. When is it?''

VD: ''I don't know. You will wear all black, a black dress and high heels?''

Sarah, probably fearing one of those inconvenient Van Damme dry hump attacks: ''Uh —''

VD, confident in his surprise attack mode:

''You can come find me, I will be the one with the very broad shoulders, dark hair and a simple suit. We can have some champagne, you and me.''

That was the end of the interview. May I just say...bravo. BRAVO, Crazy Belgian Waffle-head! If I had roses, I would present them to you. Sarah, I sincerely applaud your considerable efforts in whatever it took to survive this interview and hope you didn't get any of VD's creamy seeds or whatever on you. Oy vey.

WARNING: THIS REALLY HAPPENED. These were NOT quotes from a SATIRICAL PIECE. This was a quote from a REAL interview on the REAL Newsweek.

PS: Go vote for Crotchety Old Man, over at or small elves resembling Richard Simmons without the perkiness will force you to sweat to the oldies until they cue dueling banjos, then it will get really interesting and there will be a pineapple and-You know what? You better just go ahead and go vote for him, because you don't even want to hear the rest of that business. Trust me.

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You see, Kiddo. There was this tranny named Tweeter, dealin' blow...

Lucy's Quotes:

Warning: Lucy does not dig gossip.

Well, that is to say- I mean- She does. She's always interested in it but she doesn't morally condone it and never initiates it, 51% of the time. . . Tricky, huh? You know it's tricky when (I) she starts referring to (my) her self in the third person. Man, I'm confused! Anyway, today's quote comes from Richard Johnson's 'Page Six' section of the New York Post. While I first spotted the tidbit in an old issue of Reader's Digest, I was directed to the source for a direct quote.

As a side note: It was an OLD issue of Reader's Digest because JD considers them an arch nemesis and has banned them from the household over a cancellation problem that took place with his Uncle. It didn't get resolved until after he hired Ninja mercenaries on his behalf. For the record, I'm fine with Reader's Digest and I think it's time to drop the grudge. I will gladly turn the other cheek because I miss the Word Power section. Also, it wasn't *my* Uncle and I'm not the one who paid for the ninjas. Did I mention I miss the Word Power? Also, since I'm capitalizing on superfluous information to fill out the post because I'm out of practice: The ninja mercenaries were some of the very few which are of Swedish descent. There are really only 15 Swedish Ninja mercenaries in all of Canada...where we got them. Okay, I'm getting off track, here. Back to the quote:

Page Six says:

''May 3, 2007 -- KINDERGARTEN kids in ritzy L.A. suburb Calabasas have been coming home to their parents and talking about the "weird man" who keeps coming to their class to sing "scary" songs on his guitar. ''

Okay, I want to pause right there for kicks. Scroll down.

Keep scrolling, darn you.

Don't stop now.

Continuing quote: ''The "weird" one turns out to be Bob Dylan, whose grandson (Jakob Dylan's son) attends the school. He's been singing to the kindergarten class just for fun, but the kiddies have no idea they're being serenaded by a musical legend - to them, he's just Weird Guitar Guy. '' ''

Ah, yes. I can just see it now. His raspy moan, belting out ''Tweeter and the Monkey Man'' and shooting his eyes back and forth like a crack-head watching two other crack-heads playing tennis. That'd scare me, too. Here's some advice, Bob: Bring Willie Nelson with you. Willie will calm them down just with the, um, *botanical fumes'' drifting off of his cowboy hat. Yes, you could get very *calm* just with the scent of Willie's cowboy hat. Honest. It's science. ''What, no fumes like that off of Bob?'', you're asking. Listen, smart ass! . . . . . . I do not have a good answer to that. So, more than that; Willie's just not weird or creepy to anybody. Not that I don't like Bob, but children have very sensitive creep-o-meters. Odd-o-meters, even. In Bob's old(er) age, sometimes he seems a little more creepy doing the same things he was doing when he was 20. That's life. Think about it. Picture a 20-year-old on a skateboard with a backwards baseball, add forty years. Yes, cool to creepy in just four decades. Life is fickle, turning on you in the blink of an eye. Anyway, I got a good laugh out of this blurb from back in 2007 and I hope you did, too. I apologize for my hiatus. We both had quotes on 90 hours worth of shows saved up on our DVR and it totally blew out. Shortly before that happened, we pledged to make posts every day for a few weeks. God laughed right after we made that plan and blew out our DVR to teach us a lesson. Point taken, big guy. Point taken.

PS: If you knew the identity of the man singing to the kids without having heard this before and only from the title of this post-referring to 'Tweeter and The Monkey Man'-Dylan's song from the The Traveling Wilburys-...You get about 36 cool points. Let us know if you knew, so that we may mark you down.

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My theory is that haggling may elicit pity, on occasion (Quotes of and about Abraham Lincoln with sex, hats and disease)

My theory is that haggling may elicit pity, on occasion (Quotes of and about Abraham Lincoln with sex, hats and disease)

JD's quotes:

The other day, I tuned in to The History Channel's three-hour documentary, simply entitled 'Lincoln'. If you're a history buff, three hours of Abraham Lincoln's life and times is just a drop in the bucket but it was a good program. Of course it was full of American history's documentary staples. Old historians, young historians, a gentle country fiddle in the background, people who posed for pictures looking like their pet puppy just died while choking on their pet kitten, a narrator with a deep voice and authors up the wazoo. It's the only right way to do it, really.

''We're making a documentary and we've got some authors.''
''Oh, yeah? Enough authors to be up the wazoo?''
''One or two more and we'll be comfortably in the wazoo territory.''
''Oh... Sounds like it's going to be a good documentary, then.''
''Damn Skippy.''

...I'm sure that conversation happened in one form or another over at The History Channel's head office. At any rate, I've got humorous quotes about Lincoln. He may've been a melancholy fellow, married to a crazy person but his life was not without humor...rumor has it, anyway. My chosen quotes as follows:

Jennifer Fleischner, author of 'Mrs. Lincoln and Mrs. Keckly', joined the conversation about how Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln were thought to be overly lenient with their children as they tore through the White house with wagons and goats, crashing cabinet meetings and taking full advantage of their permissive parents. She attempts to quote one of Lincoln's friends by saying:

''...And they were doting and I think it's Herndon who says, you know, ''If the boys shat in his hat, he would think 'Oh, isn't that wonderful?' '' You know? He would go ''Wow!' You know, ''That's great!''. Um, they could do anything.''

~Now, I've been trying to tell people for years that 'shat' is a real word and is the appropriate past tense of another word which I know and love. I have been met with looks of incredulity. Well. . . I feel vindicated by one of those brainy historian types saying it. So, ...there. To all you doubters: I bet you just shat yourself.

Gore Vidal, who wrote his own Lincoln book called 'Lincoln: A Novel' which was historical fiction, was featured throughout the show and if you could get past the annoying (to some) exaggeratedly ''academic'' tone of voice, he was an illuminating guest on the show with a good sense of humor. Speaking of William Herndon's stories of Lincoln, Vidal says:

''Herndon, his law partner for seventeen years- I think it was-; he knew more about Lincoln than anybody. He had some great stories to tell. How Lincoln was in a horny mood. He was in his twenties and... he asked a friend. He said, uh, ''Do you know where there is any?''. And, they said ''Well there's this girl that's down on Front street. You know, near the river. She's just in town.'' So, Lincoln goes to see her. Said ''Now, before we start anything, you know, I'm a poor man. I mean, how much is this going to be?'' and she said ''Three dollars'' and he says, ''Well, what-what about two?'' and she said, ''I don't want to haggle.'' She was a very nice woman.

So, finally, uh, they commit the horrible deed, and then when it's over, he starts to give her two dollars and twenty five cents or whatever it was they'd agreed on and she says ''Oh, don't bother,'' and everybody says, ''You know, how the-how like Lincoln. He goes there. He can't pay the three dollars and he ends up getting it for nothing. Now, how does he do that?'' Now you see how he held the Union together.''

~I wonder what miracles Bill Clinton could've worked during a Civil War if that's the kind of people skills you need. I would also add that I really like Vidal's phrase ''Do you know where there is any?''

Lastly, during a part of the documentary where Lincoln's severe strain as a wartime president is taking a great toll on him mentally and physically, they say Lincoln is basically being badgered by everyone constantly for his words on the war. Everyone wanted Lincoln to give them something. Lincoln had a milder form of the small pox infection also referred to as varioloid, then. Unfortunately, his ill condition did not receive any sympathetic cessation of badgering.

Harold Holzer, Author of 'The Lincoln Image', gives us a gem of anecdotal Lincoln humor from a sick and tired Honest Abe:

''On his way home from giving the greatest speech of his career, he was sidelined by uh, a case of ''varioloid'', as it was called. And, uh, he was thrilled because he-when he got back to Washington, uh, uh- told that there were office-seekers still lining up outside to pester him- he said ''Have them come in. Now I have something I can give everybody.'' ''

Now, they left me hanging on that note because they never said if he successfully delivered that present to everyone. . . I'd like to think he did.

If you've enjoyed this post, you might want to try our Humorous quote post on President Harry Truman: The Lesser-Known of Russian Drinking Games: Harry Truman's Point of View

Then, again, you may just want to watch youtube videos of chimps playing Van Halen. I don't know what you're into. It's none of my business, really. Thanks for stopping by, though.

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Canine AIDS is not a laughing matter? (Real George Carlin Quotes)

JD's quotes: From: George Carlin's HBO special, 'George Carlin: What Am I Doin' in New Jersey?', performed at the Park Theater in Union City, New Jersey.

In George Carlin's act, he was good enough so that most of the things he said, tended to fall under a title. He performed pieces, like a classical musician, only with stand-up comedy instead of a violin or a piano. Like, in this special he had a piece detailing a long ''list of people I can do without''. Classic. And, unlike many George Carlin quotes and essays and whatever the dink else that float around on the Internet, this is really from George. I know, because we verify our quotes to a source. This source was George's mouth. I saw his lips move with my own eyes and heard these words come out with my own ears. So, rest assured, this stuff is real, genuine Carlinism. Now for his quotes:

Included in his ''list of people I can do without'' are several occupational hazard types. Among them, George includes:

1. ''A brain surgeon with ''Born to lose'' tattooed on his hands.''
2. ''A waitress with a visible infection on her serving hand.''
3. ''A funeral director who says ''Hope to see you folks again, real soon!''.''
''A proctologist with poor depth perception''

George on recreational, pharmaceutical advances he looks forward to:

5. ''They don't have any rectal drugs, do they? That's going to be a big advance when we have that. Soon as we have-Yeah, then you can hide them and take them at the same time, you know?''

George on suggestions to keep people on their toes and also on snazzy cartoon character watches:

''Someone asks you what time it is, say, ''Well, . . .it's either 6:15 or Mickey has a hard on.''.''

George on the epidemic road rage crisis:

''I like kind of a preventive violence in my car. Know what I have? In the rear window of my car, I have one of those diamond-shaped, yellow signs that says ''Armed pit bull with AIDS on board''. And I'll tell you, even the jack-offs are leaving me alone.''

Lastly: George Carlin panders to the New Jersey crowd he's playing to?

''I like New Jersey. I even have one of those T-shirts you guys sell. It says ''Kiss her where it smells. Take her to New Jersey.'' So, I'm a supporter.''

~Yeah, I didn't think so. Not big on the pandering, was he?

I'm keeping this post short and sweet. When George died, I thought about doing a nice, long R. I. P. post for him and talking about how he's in our prayers now that he's passed away and whatnot, but you know what? George would've HATED that. He hated the sugarcoated term ''passed away'', he was an atheist and he just didn't like sappy bullsh*t, like prayers for the dead. So, now, months later, I'm doing a short and sweet George Carlin quote post with only a minor point of his being D-E-A-D, not going to heaven or hell but leaving some interesting stuff behind for us and any George Carlin fan can appreciate that. George can't, because he's dead and gone and even the Flying Spaghetti Monster can't change that, Bucko. Forget about that vulgar, blasphemous, misanthropic a**hole. That's what I'm going with, . . . because I think George would've loved that sh*t.

Aw, what the heck? I'll miss ya, George. I think about something you've said damned near every day and I probably always will, you curmudgeonly old nihilist. 'Say what?' salutes you and the horse you rode in on.

To see a little more 'Say what?' fun with George Carlin, please click here: George Carlin jokes about cancer, canine expiration and Elmer Fudd getting the shaft again

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Google Page Rank Hates Us But We Are Standing Tall. Okay, we're standing slightly hunched and cowardly but that's neither here nor there. . .

Okay, what's there to say? We almost gave up. Uh-huh. We almost gave up. We got tired of having no Google page rank and crappy traffic. TIRED! I know, we're whiney. But so was yo mama! Okay, whoa. Let's stop right there. There's no need to escalate. We apologize. That was totally uncalled for. So, anyway. . . We're bloody freakin' back now. 'Say what?' is back, baby! Ignore that exclamation point. It might come across too enthusiastic. Preppy, even.

We're going to try another experiment and post every day for a few weeks. Or we'll fail to do that and instead watch youtube videos of cartoon monkeys. I'm not sure which. Who cares? Both things are productive or at the very least, not damaging to society that much.

We're proud to announce that one of the two of us has a scary new blog that is only three posts old. It's Lucy who now has the blog formally and informally known as ''The Nearly Reformed Jive Turkeys Club''. Check that out. Also, she is starting guest posts at McGhee's Review. Due to an unfortunate cable blow-out, she had to forgo her second nearly consecutive post there but she did get the one under her belt at: A short and simple review of SNL's third episode of Season 34

So, we're happy to be back with you anonymous readers that we'll pretend exist. . . and anyone else, too, I guess. Real or pretend, we don't discriminate. Wish us luck. Or don't. Either way, we'll pretend you did, so you might as well do it. Sorry if that sounded menacing or intimidating. It wasn't meant to. Okay, yes it was. But, sorry.

~JD and Lucy

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Sorry, the post office decides how much your average, local prostitute's rates are. . . (Quotes from SNL's Weekend Update)

Pictured above are Tina Fey on the left and Amy Poehler on the right.

Lucy's Quotes:

I've had some spare quotes hanging around from SNL's fake news segment, Weekend Update-my favorite segment since Cas Walker was the anchor and the only weekly host was Art Linkletter. It's been a long time is what I'm saying. Anyway, let's look back on some of the great lines of SNL's Weekend Update segment that I've wrongly and embarrassingly left unused. Here they are from many years of anchorpersons:

Chevy Chase:

''The post office announced today that it is going to issue a stamp commemorating prostitution in the United States. It's a ten-cent stamp, but if you want to lick it, it's a quarter.''

Colin Quinn:

''In international news, the Irish Republican Army issued a historic statement Wednesday, rejecting violence and declaring that they will completely disarm, beginning in January. But, you know, that's probably just the booze talking.''

Colin Quinn:

''England's Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip, will celebrate their fifty-second wedding anniversary this weekend. The royal couple plans to have a romantic, candlelit dinner, retire to the seclusion of Windsor Castle, get a little tipsy on wine and then wave at each other from a respectable distance.''

Jimmy Fallon:

''A new article in Vanity Fair says that Bill Clinton is struggling to finish his book, 'My Life', in time for his deadline. It's not really surprising since you can only type so fast using one hand.''

Jimmy Fallon:

''Researchers have found that Bottlenose Dolphins can recognize their own reflections in mirrors placed in their tanks. The mirror study is part of the larger effort to identify and weed out Vampire Dolphins.''

Jimmy Fallon:

''Scientists say the detection of particles of West Nile Virus in the breast milk of a Michigan woman earlier this month is not cause for alarm. Though just to be on the safe side, they are warning Michigan residents not to suck the woman's nipples.''

Amy Poehler:

''Poland's Prime Minister, Donald Tusk, visited President Bush in Washington this week to discuss modernizing the Polish military. Specifically, replacing all the screen doors on Polish Submarines.''

Amy Poehler:

''According to a new survey, 67% of teenagers are content or extremely happy most of the time. They're called stoners.''

Seth Meyers:

''A California company has created an IQ test kit for dogs. It works like this: If you buy it, your dog is smarter than you.''

Seth Meyers:

''John McCain apologized Tuesday after radio talk show host, Bill Cunningham, who introduced McCain at a rally, repeatedly emphasized Barack Obama's middle name, Hussein, without once mentioning McCain's middle name- Methuselah.''

Tina Fey:

''Starting March twenty-ninth, Ireland will ban smoking in public places, including offices and pubs. The transition is expected to go smoothly because the Irish are known for their easygoing tempers and their respect for authority.''

Tina Fey:

''Supermodel, Cindy Crawford is furiously denying Shaquille O'Neal's claim that he and Crawford have had sex. Although, it is a bit suspicious that Crawford was recently torn in half.''

Tina Fey:

''A man identified as an NYU professor was detained at LaGuardia Airport Thursday, after human remains were found in his luggage. However, he was let go when he told authorities the body parts were ''teaching tools''. Said the professor, ''Teach that bitch to cheat on me.'' ''

I hope you've enjoyed these cute bits and bobbles of SNL's news quotes. To recap, we (SNL and I) have basically discussed prostitution, suckling adults, murder, freakish sex injuries, drug use and offended the Irish, twice. A one-post record for me. We've also offended the Poles and there was some imagery of Bill Clinton masturbating. So, work here is done. I am ready for a nap.

Click here to see all 'Say what?' SNL quote posts. (Although, I'm loath to admit it, JD actually grabbed the first quote we've done from SNL even though he almost never watches it.)

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Warning: Sexual Research From Canadian Universities Does Not Verify These Findings

Warning: Sexual Research From Canadian Universities Does Not Verify These Findings

JD's Quotes: From: Rodney Dangerfield in 'Meet Wally Sparks'.

Rodney Dangerfield co-wrote and played the title role in 'Meet Wally Sparks'. Wally is a Jerry Springer-like talk show host fighting cancellation of his show. Okay, well, his character isn't quite as respectable and dignified as Jerry Springer but you get the idea. While the movie isn't what I'd call a classic, I would laugh at Rodney Dangerfield reading a phone book. My favorite bit of dialogue would be where Sparks attends a party at the governor's mansion. As he's schmoozing with various official types, the following bit of dialogue takes place:

Kay Gerhard as the ambassador's wife: My husband is the Canadian ambassador.

Rodney as Wally Sparks: Hey, from Canada, huh? Ho, what a place, Canada! They started a country and nobody showed up, huh? I'm just kidding folks. I'm Wally Sparks. Maybe you've seen my television show, uh?

Edmund L. Shaff as the Canadian ambassador: Well, we don't watch much American television.

Wally: Aw, that's too bad. You know, I heard in Canada, they only have sex doggy style. That way, you can both watch the hockey game.

Since Canadians may be politely up in arms over this ridiculous ethnic stereotype, I will come to the rescue, yet again for my Canadian pals. So that no one gets the wrong idea from Rodney Dangerfield's slight ribbing, here is an official list of other sexual positions, techniques and styles that are all perfectly legal and socially acceptable in Canada (Note that they may be called something different in other countries):

The Polar Bear Pumper, The Upside Down Igloo, The Canuck Winker, The Grumpy Grizzly, The Floating Maple Leaf, The Iroquois Iggy, Aunt Suzie's Pipe, The Fur Trader, Pushing The Oregon Boundary, Pimping The Penguin Pocket, The French Mustache, The Ottawa Hornswaggle, The British Colombian Beaver Burner, The Huckleberry Ham-bacon Hiccup, The Toronto Tickle, The Regina Rifleman, The Slow Whistle, The Saucy Saucer Pass, The Funny Puck-bunny Honey, The Double Kneeling Mountie Polka, The Obtuse Moose Goose, Le Pamplemousse Juteux (The juicy grapefruit, in English, I think) and of course, The Missionary Position. If you actually are both trying to watch a hockey game, that last one isn't practical and may cause an argument. Anyway, thanks to Rodney for his everlasting comic genius and the Canadian people for teaching me that a Toronto Tickle, Le Pamplemousse Juteux and Obtuse Moose Goose should be executed in chronological order. That helped a lot.

PS: I sure am glad I left out 'The Arse Farce'' on the list. That would've been a bit too crass for a fine upstanding blog like this one, eh?

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Blue Eyes and Brown Noses: A Phil Hartman Quote

Blue Eyes and Brown Noses: A Phil Hartman Quote

Lucy's quotes:

As some of you may know, I love Saturday Night Live. I Always have. Even back in the days when Walter Winchell did Weekend Update and Danny Thomas was the only weekly host. Lorne Michaels was still there. . . Anyway, I enjoyed watching the hours-long E! channel special entitled, 101 Most Unforgettable SNL Moments. On their list, they featured two impersonations of ol' blue eyes, himself-Frank Sinatra. One by Joe Piscopo and one by the late Phil Hartman, respectively. While Joe Piscopo played Frank as an old singer who wasn't quite with the times and too blunt to be politically correct, he also played him as having an affable side. Phil Hartman took the hilariously exaggerated route and played a Sinatra with a zero-tolerance policy who just couldn't wait to burn you.

Robert Smigel is a longtime SNL writer responsible for SNL's TV Funhouse segment and the puppeteer and voice of Late Night With Conan O'Brien's Triumph, the insult comic dog. During his long stay with SNL while Phil Hartman was still a cast member, Smigel decided to write a version of 'The McLaughlin Group' with Frank Sinatra as the host. The idea came to fruition on January 19, 1991 and saw Sting playing a super-sneering Billy Idol on Frank's panel of celebrity pundits. I know, Billy Idol does not sound like a likely pundit on anything . . .it's part of the humorous scenario, people. Get with it. Anyway, Billy really rubs Frank the wrong way-like everyone did to Phil Hartman's Frank. Phil looks like he might break character a little bit with a smile when he tells Sting ''You don't scare me. I got chunks of guys like you in my stool'' Funny as that is, no it's not the quote of the day. It's just part of the back story. Also on the celebrity panel are Sinead O'Connor (Played by Jan Hooks), and Frank's, uh-pals, Steve and Eydie (played by Mike Meyers and Victoria Jackson). The real quote comes from a Phil Hartman interview in 1996 when Phil recounts:

''I met his-his daughter. She told him ''There's this guy who's impersonating you on Saturday Night Live'' and-and he said ''Yeah, what are they-what are they saying, now?'' She said, ''Well, they did a thing called 'The Sinatra Group' and in it, you say that Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme are a couple of brown-nosers and the audience laughs.'' and he goes ''...Well, that part's true.''

Ah, celebrity reactions. Can't get enough of 'em. By the way, I take back my mini-slam on Lorne Michaels. I wouldn't want to ruin my dreams of some day being the Weekend Update the proud tradition of Winchell.

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Why did Cleopatra try to give up her throne to become a beekeeper?

Pictured above is Katie Morgan, sexual historian . . . and porn star. Okay, really more porn star than historian. Mostly an amateur historian and a professional porn star. If you want to get technical about it, that is.

Disclaimer: While this is not an X-Rated post on 'Say what?', there are adult subjects broached. You have probably guessed this as a likelihood, because you are smart and there's a picture of a porn star up there, but I thought I'd warn you anyway. It's not profane, but it is adult. Proceed at your own risk. Be safe. Wear protection. I am. I'm wearing a tin foil hat and ear muffs. I do that for every post, though. Don't ask.

JD'S Quotes:

So, why did Cleopatra try to give up her throne to become a beekeeper? As always, the smart ones will figure out the title by the end of the post. Anyway, I think I've mentioned that I love documentaries. I've also looked very hard for humorous quotes from documentaries for you all. So, out of a pure dedication to the readers of 'Say what?' and sheer intellectual curiosity for history and technology; I watched HBO's Katie Morgan On Sex Toys - A documentary on the history up to now of sex toys, narrated by brainy blonde pornographic starlet, Katie Morgan...who narrated the show nude even though it wasn't technically necessary in any way. Great documentary. Not only was it informative and funny but - Hey, did I happen to mention that Katie Morgan narrated the show nude? Because, she did do that, in case you had wondered. Here are some of nude narrator Katie Morgan's quotes from this fine, fine documentary where the narrator, Katie Morgan, nudely narrated:

*Oh, and by the way, the narrator, Katie Morgan,... she was nude the entire time she was narrating. I just thought I'd mention that. You know me, anything to get people excited about history.

1. Katie on approving of modern technological advances in sexual recreation:

''You know, there's probably never been a better time than today to be an out and out sex maniac.''

2. Katie Morgan on the proper priorities for all ancient cultures-anthropologically speaking, I believe:

''Well, actually, sex toys are hardly new. Consider the dildo. The very first sex toy has been around since the stone age! That's at least 20,000 years before the invention of the wheel. Well, first thing's first, I always say.''

3. Katie Morgan on psychology and impotence: What not to do:

''Comparing yourself to the Greek god of hard-ons could lead to a serious case of limp wiener.''

4. Katie Morgan, perhaps commenting on the most significant role Cleopatra played in ancient history:

''They say Cleopatra invented the very first vibrator by filling a gourd with buzzing bees.''

~Okay, most significant role from Katie's personal perspective.

5. Katie then talked about the completely true history of the modern electrically powered vibrator, which doctors used to treat hysteria in women. It was invented just for the purposes of this good old fashioned medical remedy. Before our next quote, a brief intermission . . . :

The following is a brief and possibly inaccurate reenactment of an early twentieth century doctor's office, from the makers of 'Say what?':

Nurse Willis: Hysterical again, Cathy? Well, the doctor will be with you in a moment.

(buzzing sound and yelling in the background)
Cathy: What's that buzzing sound, nurse Willis?
Nurse Willis: Well, let's just say that your treatments will go a lot faster, from now on.

Man, doctors can be incredibly brilliant healers, can't they? Okay, back to Katie's quote on this particular therapy:

''Unmarried women and nuns were especially encouraged to go in for weekly treatments . . . It was almost worth taking vows for.''

Now, I have known a few nuns in my time and even in this modern day in age, I think they could all use these treatments. Oh, sure. Now, it seems like sexist, chauvinistic, barbaric quackery but would you prefer politically correct medicine or a relaxed nun who doesn't want to kick your ass with a ruler? Be honest.

6. And, last but not least -also, most deserving of the disclaimer: Katie talks about the need for an appliance that can do just about anything, from a very old magazine ad, I think:

''How often do you get to shave your legs and get yourself off with one handy appliance? . . . Just don't get your attachments confused.''

Well, Katie, you have certainly given us all quite a bit to think about and some good advice about avoiding genital catastrophe with a multipurpose personal appliance. You are a smart lady and one hot historian. And, I salute you.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

If that's a real Russian saying, I'll kiss your Smirnoff: An Emily Mortimer anecdote

Lucy's quotes:

A Quick Legal Statement: On the off chance that it's really a Russian saying in Emily's anecdote, I renege on kissing anyone's Smirnoff. It was totally said in jest and not a legally binding agreement. My lawyer says so.

Whew! Now that that's over with, let's get on with the quote. NBC's Late Night With Conan O'Brien gets onto Say what? yet again. Emily Mortimer stopped by Late Night not too long ago to promote her recent movie, Transsiberian. She found herself talking about a former Russian poet she'd dated and the downfall of their relationship. Yes, perfect setting for humor, we know. Emily says as follows:

''And, also, he had a very bushy mustache and I wasn't that into the mustache and I got-I got drunk one night and so did he and he fell asleep and I shaved the mustache off in his sleep.

But I got about half way through and then he woke up and he cried. It was awful. (Audience makes a collective 'aw' sound) And he said-and he said he'd had a mustache since he was fourteen years old and that you know, in Russia, they had a saying that eat-uh-no, what was it? Kissing- (changing to a Russian accent) 'Kissing a man without a mustache is like eating an egg without salt.' ''

According to Emily, things started to go steadily downhill after that and they broke up. Not exactly a plot twist. So, the moral of the story is: Don't shave sleeping people without their consent. They will not be happy. . .Unless they're into that sort of thing . . . But most people aren't . . . So, check on that beforehand if you're making any plans.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Future Headline: Pete Rose gets double ineligibility after attacking Bob Costas

JD's quotes:

Believe it or not, I think this is the first Baseball related post on 'Say what?'. To our Baseball quote enthusiasts who are shocked that we haven't even at least gotten in a Yogi Berra post...sorry about that. HBO's Costas NOW examined the current state of major league baseball and various Hall of Fame eligibility issues, like players whose stats don't seem as great compared to the steroid-induced stats that today's players often put up. Pete Rose had to show up live via satellite due to health issues. Apparently, this made a fine setting for a zinger. Host, Bob Costas gives Pete the following introduction:

''And now, Pete Rose had been planning to be with us, here in New York. And, despite a case of food poisoning-ever the gamer- he actually went to the airport before being grounded by his ailment. He will join us though, by satellite. He is, of course, the all-time hits leader. And, we really wanted to have him here. And, you know, w-what are the odds? Food poisoning - right before a big show like this. What are the odds of that? Actually, Pete, I'm thinking you probably know, the answer to that question. (Much applause ensues). . . Are you feeling better, Pete?''

Pete via satellite: ''Yeah, smartass.''

For those that don't know, Pete Rose is ineligible to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame because he gambled on Baseball games while playing for and later managing the Cincinnati Reds. I'd say Pete took that joke well, all things considered.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Female Society Thanks Adam Hunter For Bringing Attention To This Issue:

Female Society Thanks Adam Hunter For Bringing Attention To This Issue:

I tune in to NBC's Last Comic Standing here and there when I can take enough time off from feeding cats. There are some very talented comics who land a spot on this show. I've got three quotes for you from the last episode I caught. Here they are:

Lucy's quotes:

Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah is a former vocalist in a rock band named Marcus and he can do impressions of Bobcat Goldthwait and Aaron Neville. Not a combination found in nature, I might add. Marcus is already planning to be a big star as he only goes by the one name. Bold move. Prince, Madonna, Marcus. It could work. He talks a lot about music in his act, including:

''I don't understand music today. The music I really don't understand is R & B. Because I grew up on old school R & B. The good stuff. Like Sexual Healing,... Let's Get It On. Those songs-I just said the titles of those songs and three people just got pregnant in this room. That's how good that is. That's how good it works.''

Jim Tavaré, the double bass playing English sketch comedy actor with a pleasantly dry sense of humor says:

''My grandfather always used to say to me 'Son, you don't get anywhere in life unless you open doors.' What happened to him? He fell out of an airplane.''

Adam Hunter is a former wrestler and wrestling coach as well as a comic. He describes how male maturity levels can interfere with a couple's sex life:

''The sex was getting kind of redundant for a while so we went to see a sex therapist. And, uh, he said we should use toys in bed. You know? So, so, she went out and got a vibrator and I got Guitar Hero.''

Recently, for the first time in history, we have full grown men who've grown up with video games and the repercussions reach all aspects of life. Sad, really. My advice is to date men without thumbs. See, you need a man who doesn't have an X-Box addiction and a man with no thumbs is just happy to have a good woman so it really works out for everyone. There. Problem solved. God, I rock at solving society's biggest and most challenging issues. Next, I'm going to tackle the national debt thingamajig. Or, I'll just order a pizza and read a magazine. . . I do need to pace myself.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The New, Cutting-Edged Way To Protect Yourself From That Particular STD

For a mainstream, family friendly comedy, Mrs. Doubtfire was pretty entertaining. It stars Robin Williams as Daniel Hillard, a flaky voice actor but a loving family man and Sally Field as his wife and serious career woman, Miranda. Miranda has had enough of being the sole adult in the family and divorces him. Due to his inability to hold down a regular job, Daniel, by court order, is cut out of his three children's daily lives. Hearing that his wife wants to hire a part time nanny to watch their kids after school, Daniel develops a plan. As a talented voice actor with a brother who works as a make-up artist, he creates an affable character to fool his ex. Mrs. Doubtfire, a proper old Englishwoman with a sparkling background as a nanny is born and is an irresistible nanny for hire to trick his way back into his children's everyday lives.

A jealous Daniel sees his wife falling for an upper class pretty boy named Stu Dunmeyer played by Pierce Brosnan. Daniel gets close to his wife again as Mrs. Doubtfire and does what he can to dissuade her and Stu from each other, telling Miranda that she should wait to get involved with anyone for the sake of the children and making random snide remarks at Stu under his breath...and throwing fruit at him. Stu takes everyone out to celebrate Miranda's birthday to a fancy restaurant and Daniel finds himself alone with Stu at the dinner table- as Mrs. Doubtfire. With this opportunity, he decides to play hardball. Earlier, Stu had given Miranda an expensive bracelet, leading to the following conversation:

JD's quotes:

Daniel/Mrs. Doubtfire:
That's a pretty impressive bauble you got her.

Stu: Hmm? Oh. Thank you. Thank you.

Mrs. Doubtfire: A fellow gives a gift like that, he wants more than a piece of her heart, ay? Hmm? Bit of a going down payment, huh?

Stu: Excuse me?

Mrs. Doubtfire: Oh, you know, Dear. Sink the sub? Hide the weasel? Park the porpoise? Bit of the old Humpty Dumpty? Little Jack Horny? The horizontal mambo? Hmm?

Stu: Mrs. Doubtfire-

Mrs. Doubtfire: The bone dance, eh? Rumple Foreskin, boloney bop. A bit of the old cunny linguistics. Mm?

Stu: Mrs. Doubtfire, please.

Mrs. Doubtfire: Oh, dear. I'm sorry. Am I being a little graphic? Sorry . . . I hope you're up for a little competition.

Stu: I beg your pardon?

Mrs. Doubtfire: She's got a power tool in the bedroom, Dear. It's her personal jackhammer. She could break sidewalk with that thing. She's uses it and the lights dim. It's like a prison movie. Amazed she hasn't chipped her teeth. Ooh . . . I hope you bring cocktail sauce. . . She's got the crabs, Dear, and I don't mean Dungeness. I'm being blunt as a spoon, aren't I? Forgive me. Oh, . . . mm.

That was arguably the best riff in the movie and on behalf of Say what?, I salute it. For instructions on how to do the official Say what? salute, watch the movie Three Amigos. We pretty much ripped off their salute and added a 3 second raspberry with a split-second whistle at the end. It's a little complicated but there you have the basic instructions.

Friday, August 8, 2008

How do you make a cross joint? You're a disgrace to your people!

Lucy's quotes:
Seth Rogen, renowned marijuana smoker, marijuana advocate and actor who plays stoners was recently on Late Night With Conan O'Brien promoting his movie Pineapple Express which is about a stoner and his stoner dealer. Now, I don't know how it happened but from far left field Conan raised the subject of marijuana. It's beyond me how this subject came up but it did happen.

Featured in Pineapple Express is an astounding technique that can only be performed by a Shaolin master of marijuana...which I think exists. I'm pretty sure Caine from Kung Fu is one. Anyway, Rogen must be one too because he introduced the 'Cross joint' technique into his movie. The cross joint from what I gather is two joints assembled into one cross for maximum effect (Do not try this at home. Especially if you're out of chips.). So, when Conan asks how Rogen's family feels about him publicizing his recreational habit that he's had since childhood, the Jewish Canadian Rogen says this:

''My grandmother is who I was really, really worried about. And uh, she finally saw the movie and you know, the cross joint specifically 'cause you know, you got to know quite a bit about weed to do that. So, uh, uh, so, she-she came up to me after and she's like 'You know, I'm unhappy with you. Especially about that cross joint.' I was like 'Oh, man. Here it comes.' and she's like 'Why couldn't it have been a Star of David joint?' ''

Now, I ask you: If you've got to be a Shaolin marijuana master just to get the cross joint technique a Star of David joint really a fair goal to expect your grandson to attain? Talk about Jewish guilt. That's just unreasonable, Seth Rogen's Grandma! Shame on you!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Incidentally, 'Golf' Backwards Is 'Flog'.

~ Just look at 'er. You know she's about to say something good.

Lucy's quotes:

Ladies and Germs, this is Oprah and The Oprah Winfrey Show's first appearance on Say what?, miraculous as it may seem. Now, I'm not a regular Oprah watcher because they clearly give the audience some type of hallucinogenic drug to rev 'em up like that. Oprah says something like ''I love Versace house slippers!'' and 500 women act like their seats are made by the manufacturers of the Sybian. And, I'm like 'house slippers can't be that good'. However, I did catch yesterday's episode called '237 Reasons To Have Sex', which explored subjects like open marriages and friends with benefits. Dr. Pepper Schwartz was there...No, I didn't make that name up . . . Her name is Pepper and she's a frickin' doctor. No lie.

Anyway, after interviewing people on the street, they got a hold of a 65-year-old woman named Winnie who claims to have had sexy time with her husband in return for a new house. Any objections you may have aside, I say, if your sexy time is still (or ever) worth new-house-value at 65, you probably take vitamins and do yoga 'cause you're doing something right. Today's quote takes place after Winnie admits that her and her husband have sexy time in all sorts of places, prompting the following exchange:

Winnie, the audience member:

''We live on the golf course so we use the golf course at night.''


''That's too good. I-That was just too good. 'Cause you know everybody wants to know what hole.''

. . . Apparently, it was the 16th hole . . . But I'm not even sure that's physically possible!

How To Romance A Roman Woman: Titus Pullo's Lecture On Harmony Between The Sexes

~ The ancient Roman version of a buddy cop duo. Ray Stevenson on the left as Titus Pullo and Kevin McKidd on the right as Lucius Vorenus on HBO's Rome.

HBO's movie-quality series Rome was a favorite of mine. I was fascinated by the everything about it, including the amazing amount of Britishness...that was weird. Rome's storyline took two names briefly mentioned in a historical account of Rome's war in Gaul by Julius Caesar and developed large, influential biographies during the plot of the show that allowed for great dramatic licence as well as a good sense of the actual political turmoil at the time. The two figures were Titus Pullo (perfectly played by Ray Stevenson) and Lucius Vorenus (played by the immensely talented Scotsman, Kevin McKidd). Rome was the kind of soap opera that a real man such as myself would watch and its humor was certainly not lacking, so blended with the deep drama you'd swear Joss Whedon wrote the damn thing (He didn't, it was Bruno Heller, mostly). Either way, my quotes today are from one of my favorite scenes of the short-lived series.

Roman solider, Lucius Vorenus, comes back from a long military campaign to find he isn't suited for domestic life and is completely incapable of getting along with his now more mature wife and the young children that barely remember their father. Trying to please his wife, he asks Titus Pullo, a fierce but flaky soldier and unabashed ladies man for the best in ancient romantic advice. Taking a walk together, Lucius takes in a brilliant lecture from his subordinate as follows:

JD'S Quotes: Warning: This conversation is just a bit graphic...But informative.

Titus Pullo: Of course, your best method for pleasing a woman is the warm beating heart of an enemy. I mean, women will say they don't like it but they do. It makes them wet as October.

Vorenus: Well, that doesn't answer.

Pullo: Well, failing that, talk to her.

Vorenus: Talk? But of what?

Pullo: It doesn't matter. It's all about the tone of the voice. Pretend you're putting a saddle on a skittish horse. 'There, Honey. Shh, come now.'. You know, that sort of thing.

Vorenus: And that's all?

Pullo: What else?...Oh, tell her she's beautiful-all the time. Tell her she's beautiful every time you see her, even when she's not.

Vorenus: And what else?

Pullo: Oh, aye. Also, very important: When you couple with her, there's this spot just above her cunny. It's like a little button. Now, attend to that button and she will open up like a flower.

Vorenus, stopping angrily: How do you know this of her?

Pullo, defensively: All women have them! Ask anyone.

Now, when I said this was informative earlier, I pretty much had a handle on everything, personally, save for the warm beating heart of an enemy part. And, with today's current's just not worth a shortcut to October weather. You know what I mean?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Listen, Pally: Dean Martin Was A Comedian!

Aaaaagain, I say, listen, Pally: Dean Martin Was A Comedian!

Much of my grandmother's family is from Steubenville, Ohio and when she was young and visiting, she played with a little boy named Dino Crocetti, who later turned out to be an Italian King...The King of Cool, that is. It was Dean Martin. Dean loved where he came from and never forgot. They even named an official state holiday in Ohio-Dean Martin Day. I've always liked Dean and I'm a member of a gigantic club in that regard. Very few people didn't like Dean. I picked up a copy of the book 'Memories are made of this: Dean Martin through his daughter's eyes' and found it difficult to put down. The odyssey of Dean and his family's lives makes for quite a drama but a lot of humor too. Dean was an unusual man and had an unusual life. He was a mega-star in his day, several times over. He conquered movies, live acts, TV and the music industry and did it all with a laid back demeanor and sharp wit.

Deana Martin, Dean's daughter, didn't paint him out to be father of the year but there's no doubt that he was appreciated for the man that he was, including his quirky nature as a loner and his sense of humor. Though he's known more for his beautiful voice and his very tipsy stage persona, Dean was as funny as he was musical. An all-around talent. His days with Jerry Lewis left Jerry with a French mob of fans as the brilliant goof and Dean under appreciated for his own comic talent as a straight man and later as a character too full of scotch to actually stand up straight. Of course, he was usually drinking apple juice but even Mayberry's Otis wasn't a more likable fake drunk. Following are some quotes from the book, which I hope you get the chance and have the gumption to read. I think you'll enjoy it, too. If you've already read it...well, whatever, Pally (Dean called people 'Pally'). Here are 12 quotes to make you smile:

JD's quotes:

1. Deana talks about Dean as a teenaged playboy:

''My aunt Violet used to say to him, ''Dino, you never have any money.'' He'd smile and reply, ''I don't need money, Vi, I'm good looking.'' ''

2. Deana talks about Dean as a very minor league, smooth criminal:

''He was a card dealer at the Rex Cigar Store, where he slipped so many silver dollars down his trouser legs and into shoes that he jangled when he walked. It was money his bosses didn't begrudge him, and which he quickly spent.''

3. Deana quotes her dad with many of his most memorable lines. Here's one she quoted on family:

''I have seven beautiful kids. Don't clap, it only took seven minutes.''

4. Dean and the rest of the Rat Pack joked about each other's heritage frequently. Speaking of Frank Sinatra, Deana says:

''Frank sang too, an honor Dad reciprocated at Frank's forty-second birthday party at the Villa Capri in 1957, when he sang a version of ''He's the Top'' with the words ''He's the Wop.'' ''

5. Deana quotes her dad with this silly one-line nugget:

''Don't believe it when they say carrots are good for your eyes, I stuck one in mine last night and it hurt.''

6. Deana quotes some parental advice from Dean to his daughter, Claudia:

''Don't bite your nails,'' he'd tell Claudia. ''Look what happened to Venus de Milo.'' ''

7. Deana talks more about Dean's lighthearted ethnic teasing, this time on his wife, Jeanne:

''He constantly teased Jeanne about her German ancestry, which she had in common with Irma, our German housekeeper. ''Be careful,'' he'd tell us, ''watch those Aryan blue eyes. Next thing we know she'll be holding Bund meetings Thursday nights with Irma behind the pool house.''

8. Deana quotes Dean on his fellow ladies man, Frank Sinatra:

''When Frank dies, they're gonna give his zipper to the Smithsonian.''

9. Deana talks about some of the song alterations Dean did as his drunken stage persona, changing classic songs' lyrics like:

''I looked over Jordan and what did I see . . . Mrs. Jordan.''
''You are too beautiful for one man alone . . . so I brought along my brother.''
''You made me love you . . . you woke me up to do it.''

10. Deana remarks the time Dean's hit ''Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime'' knocked ''A Hard Day's Night'' (By the Beatles) off the number one slot:

''When Dad heard the news of its success, he sent Elvis Presley a telegram that read, ''If you can't handle the Beatles, I'll do it for you, pally.'' ''

11. Deana quotes her dad introducing the Rolling Stones in classic Dino style:

''I've been rolled when I was stoned before. Now ladies and gentlemen, the Rolling Stones.''

12. Deana quotes more Dean one-liner fun, mentioning this one:

''I don't drink anymore, and I don't drink any less.''

That's the end of the quotable Dean Martin fun, pallies. For a load of anecdotes and a keener understanding of the man, pick up a copy of the book. For immediate purposes, if you haven't had enough just yet, here's our gratuitous youtube video for your viewing pleasure. This is one of my favorites from the Dean Martin show, with Victor Borge and his classic bit called 'Phonetic Punctuation.'. Two great musical and comedic talents who used their powers for good, instead of evil, like what Stephen Lynch does. Check it out:

Monday, July 28, 2008

Yeast Infections: Risk Factors You Need To Know About

JD's quotes:

So, you'd think it'd be Lucy to do this post instead of me. That's understandable. Sorry. Being a man, I have the sort of clinical disconnect from this issue that she may not. Alright, all kidding aside-no, wait. We need the kidding so never mind that. Anyway, one of my favorite characters on TV is Dwight K. Schrute of The Office. Played by Rainn Wilson, Dwight is as I've described before, excitably serious. He typically switches from a super brown-noser to a self important, socially inept uber-nerd. We've all known at least one. In one of Dwight's ramblings to the camera in the mockumentary known as The Office, he touches on his unique leg up on society and a frightening medical theory that may expose a horrifying truth to society.

Rainn Wilson as Dwight:

''I think one of the greatest things about modern America is the computerization of medical records. As a volunteer Sheriff, I can look up anyone's psychiatric records or surgical histories. Yeast infections. There are a huge number of yeast infections in this county. . . Probably. . . because we're down river. . . from that old bread factory.''

I believe this quote can stand alone. Stay tuned for more unusual tips on the environmental obstacles of personal hygiene. Or, stay tuned for more funny quotes from the office.
Previous posts on The Office:

Thursday, July 24, 2008

In Honor of The Late Estelle Getty:

In Honor of The Late Estelle Getty:

I was very sorry to hear about the passing of a favorite actress of mine who played Sophia Petrillo from The Golden Girls among other things. Estelle Getty has passed away at the age of 84. As a cast member of The Golden Girls, she was a great sport, being made up to look like the oldest member of the team though she was second from the youngest. Here's a quote from one of my favorite scenes on the show in honor of a woman who had the comic timing to pull off every great line the show's talented writers had ever given her:

Lucy's quote:

While Sophia, a sharp tongued senior citizen, roots through the produce aisle, she decides to confront the store's nearest employee from across the way:

Hey. Hey! You got any decent nectarines?
Store Employee: There's nothing wrong with those nectarines.
Sophia: Please, I got a bowl of wax bananas that'll be ripe before these are.
Store Employee: You're crazy. This nectarine is beautiful. I never saw a more perfect piece of fruit.
Sophia: No? Then try kissing my behind,'s a real peach!

Here's Estelle and her friends, Rue McClanahan, Bea Arthur and Betty White on The Golden Girls blooper segment on the Lifetime network where they currently air daily:

Say what? would like to offer our condolences to Estelle Getty's friends and family. She will be missed. She gave the world a lot of laughs.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Amy Poehler Quotes: Our Most Unoriginal Post Title Yet

~JD says this is Amy's best picture.
I promised a while back for another SNL fan that I'd do some neglected Amy Poehler quotes for her and gathered them, wrote them down and completely forgot about them. Fine blogger I am, huh? At any rate, even Bonnie Raitt, I've got my shizzle together now, home slizzle. Here are my chosen quotes from Amy's respectable run on SNL's Weekend Update-my favorite part of SNL since the mid to late 1940's when I started watching it and Walter Winchell was the anchor:
Lucy's Quotes from Amy Poehler on Weekend Update:
1. ''A new book called, The Case of The Female Orgasm, argues that the female orgasm has no evolutionary function. Regardless, the book is a real departure for the Hardy Boys.''
2. ''A deer that got into a Walmart in Norfolk, Nebraska was tackled by a customer and then pushed back outside. City officials aren't sure if the deer wandered in or whether the Walmart was built around it.''
3. ''Researchers have identified a gene linked to hair loss that could lead to new drugs to treat baldness. The drugs could replace the old cure for baldness-vintage convertibles.''
4. And finally, with no apologies: ''Lurch, a dog in Michigan was given the Pet's Best Friend award by a local American Red Cross chapter for donating blood over 20 times. Now, obviously Lurch can't talk but if he could, I think he would say ''Mmm, my balls are delicious.'' ''
So, we're caught up with Amy Poehler now. Any more requests? Because we deliver...No matter how long it takes, we deliver.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Say what's Awards For Best Humor Blogs: In Another News...We're Goin' To Disneyland!

Photobucket ~ This is what our award looks like. Yours looks the same.

Okay, to date, we have only made two non-quote posts. Once to plug a guest post that Lucy did on LTE and once when we both tried to help spread the word to save a show we grew very fond of called Journeyman. Now, these posts...they pretty much never got hit on and almost nobody saw them. So, here's the thing. We have been involved in an ingenious plot from Our buddy, Crotchety, has received an Amy oops! award from a blogging buddy and the rules involve a pay it forward process. Our understanding is that he, in order to legitimately claim this award must award five other people and somewhere down the line Haley Joel Osment dies in a horrible knifing incident. No, we're kidding. He'll be fine.

Anyway, this is pretty smart because people like awards and they will likely participate to be able to fully appreciate said award in legitimate fashion. We are proud to state that we've received this award from Crotchety and will be legitimately winners after this post is published. So. in order to not make this our third unread, never hit upon non-quote page, we will instead quote the blogs we award, in full compliance with both stated award rules and additionally remain in compliance with Say what's ''keep it quote-full'' rules. Ha! We rule! Damn, we're smart. So the following are 3 humorous quotes from each of our 5 chosen blogs:

Okay, keeping in line with the rules, the credit must go to for the award and picture. We got that down. She's mentioned. Secondly, we must mention the man that made this directly possible for us-Crotchety. He is at What can you expect at Crotchety's site? It declares: ''Crotchety Old Man Yells At Cars: Baseball, television, political rants, cars, money, and general nonsensensical ponderings of my universe.''

JD will take this one, handing out our first award.

And Say what's winner of the Amy oops! humor blog award for the category of ''Best rivalry with a famous weight loss pundit'' goes to... Crotchety from

JD's 3 quotes from Crotchety:

I am fascinated by Crotchety's everlasting obsession with Richard Simmons. I love it. Relax, it's a rivalry. He's not a fan. Here are some selected quotes from him on the subject:

1. Crotchety contemplate's catharsis:

''I began to make a list of some things I could do to release this anger:

1. Tear the tags off mattresses -- too cliché
2. Write a letter to my Congressperson --too Republican
3. Join a think tank group-- too Democratic
4. Make fun of Richard Simmons --too easy''

2. Crotchety presenting a Richard Simmons Birthday bash with some of his most awe-strikingly horrifying videos:

''Grab a piece of sweat resistant birthday cake, and watch a few minutes of some of the funniest video around.''

3. Lastly, Crotchety has a temporary change of heart?:

''I thought about that day for weeks. Maybe Richard Simmons wasn't such a tool. Perhaps he wasn't a slimy, money grubbing shill.''

Okay, Lucy will handle our second award now.

And the winner of Say what's Amy oops! humor blog award for the category of ''Best WTF humor'' goes to... the Lazy Third Eye team at

Lucy's 3 quotes from Lazy Third Eye:

1. In Jake The Flake's Top Ten Fun Facts...Keeping in mind they are geared towards the lesser-known. Number four:

''Milton Berle, of all the famous men in show business, is reputed to have had an infamously gigantic penis to put all the rest to shame. Apparently, everyone who knew him was aware of this endowment, especially since he wasn't known to be shy about pulling it out as a conversation piece.''

2. From Stream of Consciousness Eddie:

''My doctor said it seems I don't really have ADD after all. It turns out it's much more likely that I'm too rude to pay attention if I'm bored. Go figure.''

3. And from a post called ''Excerpts from the mystery novel, I Spy A Spy's Spy With A Spy's Eye'' that made JD laugh harder than I did for a change:

''Why, those weren't random queefs at all', thought Agent 00.2, in quite a queef-stricken state. Dear, God, they were purposeful, willful, intelligent in pattern, controlled and cunning! Why hadn't he realized that it was Russian but in Morse code?''

Okay, JD will take this next one.

And Say what's winner of the Amy oops! humor blog award for the category of ''Most Humorous Serious Blog'' goes to... Jack Payne at where he does his best to accurately inform you about the current day's scams and how you can avoid them. Although the site is meant to be serious and a helpful resource, Jack still has an often funny way of getting his points across.

Among Jack's words of wisdom doled out during his helpful posts are:

1. ''Remember, you are not drunk if you pass out on the floor without hanging on.''

2. ''At times it seems reality is a crutch for people who can't handle drugs.''

3. ''(Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.)''

JD & Lucy will take this one together.

And Say what's winner of the Amy oops! humor blog award for the category of ''Best Purely Satirical News Stories'' goes to...Chris from The Lost News at

JD & Lucy's 3 quotes:

1. In what is really a tribute to Tim Russert after his passing, the lost news credits his hard edged journalism with a satire piece of God being grilled by Russert on the suspicious nature of one of his creations:

'' “Would it come as a shock to you that we have reports from the Creation that say that the platypus was not an intentional creation, but a mish-mash of left over parts?”

“Wow, it is hot under these lights. Isn't it?” asked God clearly starting to sweat.''

2. Just in the headlines are captured all the satirically funny qualities and give us such great quotes as ''Opponent Of Gay Marriage Admits He Really Doesn't Have Anything Better To Do'', ''Local Anchorwoman Nails Segue From AIDS To Brangelina'', and ''New Restaurant 'BLTs R US' Hit Hard By Tomato Recall''.

3. And in another funny title, ''To Ease Energy Concerns, President Bush Calls For Offshore Oil Drilling And The Degreasing of Sha Na Na'', we have:

“With ordinary Americans hurting and my oil buddies already having houses at the beach and Aspen, it is time to bring these oil prices down,” said Bush. “And we can do that by finding new sources for oil, such as off our coasts and off Bowzer’s head.”

Unfortunately, if you laughed at that last one, you have now dated yourself as old. Join the club.

JD will take this last one because I haven't napped yet.

And Say what's winner of the Amy oops! humor blog award for the category of ''Best Anecdotes'' goes to...(Cue the ominous music) Judge Jerry Buchmeyer at...The...OTHER...Say what?!. Yes, we found out there's another one out there. This one is real life courtroom and other legal humor as compiled by the real life Texas Judge. I love this site. Here are JD's 3 quotes from that other Say what?!:

1. ''Q. Has anyone led you to believe the governor will pardon you if you plead guilty?
A. Well, I haven't been home judge, but he might have called my mother.''

2. Asked of a witness in an automobile accident case:

''Q. How far were you from it when you hit it? ''

3. Lastly, the ultimate slacker witness:

''Q. What do you do for a living?
A. I help my brother.
Q. What does your brother do?
A. Nothing.''

We would like to congratulate our winners and thank our benefactors and the Academy. There will however be no gift baskets. Times are tight, fellow bloggers. Times are tight.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Future Technological & Culinary Advancements Supported By The Irish People

Lucy's quotes:

ds9 ~ Alexander Siddig on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Meaney ~ Actor/author Colm Meany known best from Star Trek: DS9.

As an unabashed Trekkie, I had realized a few months after we started this site that I've never found a funny Star Trek line or scene from any of the Star Trek series that quite fit with ''Say what?'' and its preferred type of quotes. So, now that I've come across one, I'll break Star Trek's painful absent streak. In an episode entitled ''Take Me Out To The Holosuite'' the crew of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine attempts to learn the ancient Earth game of Baseball. Attempting to make the setting as realistic as possible, Ireland's Chief O'Brien has one of many memorable scenes with his best friend, Doctor Bashir, as follows:

Siddig El Fadil/Alexander Siddig as Doctor Julian Bashir: What are you eating?

Colm Meany as Chief Miles Edward O'Brien: I'm not eating, I'm chewing.

Doctor Bashir: Chewing what?

Chief O'Brien: Gum. It's traditional. I've had the replicator create me some.

Doctor Bashir: They just chewed it?

Chief O'Brien: No, they infuse the gum with flavor.

Doctor Bashir: What did you infuse it with?

Chief O'Brien: Scotch.

Some of you familiar with ''Say what?'' might be noticing a pattern with me and the Irish peoples. Something slightly adversarial. It's friendly, though. I assure you that this is okay. I had a roommate who was Irish once, so, it's okay. I'm not Italian or anything either so you shouldn't be offended (Yes, I know of the fabled Irish/Italian American feud). Heck, I was even Irish in college an experiment.

. . . Besides, this scene really wouldn't have been as funny if Chief O'Brien were English and flavored his gum with scotch. I mean, let's be honest...Heheheheh.

A PS from JD:

To all Irish readers of ''Say what?'': You should know that Lucy has a psychiatric disorder that makes her goad Irish people. Strangely, although she is not Italian, the doctors say that it's a genetic brain condition. It's important that you recognize that she is on medication for this but that the medication doesn't always work because it's a placebo (specifically a Lemonhead candy). This condition is exacerbated on days when her feud with her Irish neighbor, Mrs. O'Lorcan, gets ugly. Recently, after Lucy and Mrs. O'Lorcan tried to patch things up for the fourth of July picnic, old lady O'Lorcan implied that Lucy's cat was ugly because it has kind of a lazy eye. For some reason, this set her condition off again. It's kind of sad really. I mean, just because one old Irish lady rubs you the wrong way...oh well. Like I said, it's a condition. In defense of Mrs. O'Lorcan, the cat really does have a screwy eye that detracts from it's over all aesthetics. And, in further defense of Lucy, she really was Irish in college with a roommate so, we should all be friends here.

PPS: Lucy cannot see this message because people with her condition are incapable of seeing the color blue, so if you comment on this post, make sure not to mention this disclaimer. Thanks for your patience and understanding with this rare and incurable illness.

This disclaimer is paid for by the CADF- Celtica Agressiona Dementia Foundation. To Donate, call (555) 555-5555 extension 5555 and ask for Shamus or Colleen. We're very close to a cure with your help.