Monday, September 10, 2007

Okay, so if it were on HBO it wouldn't have been funny...

JD's Quotes:

Bill Smitrovich as bitter, rampaging prosecutor Kenneth Walsh on my favorite law drama ever-David E. Kelley's The Practice.

''You know, I'm tired of your piss-ass crap. I'm tired of your firm's piss-ass crap. You made a big mistake, Eleanor; and your client's gonna pay for it for the rest of her life, you piss-ass, scum-crap, dirt bastard!''

Hank Hill would move to Mexico if it were annexed by the country of Texas

JD's Quotes:

Mike Judge vehicle, King of the Hill centers around straight-laced, Texas-based propane proponent, Hank Hill. Hank's discomfort with the mushy stuff leads him to say this to his Mexican co-worker:

Mike Judge as voice of Hank Hill on animated series King of the Hill:

''Mexicans don't talk about their feelings? That's GREAT. So uh,...why'd ya give that up?''