Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pipa and Big Daddy: The Real Scoop On Their Street Cred

Lucy's quotes:

Because of somebody's wisenheimer crack about how I do far less posting than JD, I've started posting a lot more this month, thank you very much. I hope you've all noticed. Well, there was a moment on Live with Regis and Kelly Ripa that I couldn't let go unquoted. Although they were cutting in on each other and laughing as usual, here's the quote of their conversation, as directly as it can be:

Regis: I'm getting nervous about the Academy Awards-

Kelly: Do not be nervous. You are gonna rock the hizzay!

Regis: Well, here's what I'm nervous about...rock the what?

Kelly: Hizzay.

Regis: What does that mean?

Kelly: It means 'house'. Say 'hizzay'. The stars will like it; they'll think you're dope.

Regis: Hizzay! Hizzay means house?

Kelly: Hizzay.

Regis: Really?

Kelly: Yes, in Snoop Dog language, yeah.

Regis: Oh, okay.

Regis: Hey, I wonder if Snoop Dog is gonna be there. Sometimes he shows up at these things.

Kelly: Probablizzay, ... I'm here all week.

Regis: Ahhh, that Snoopy guy.

Priceless. I love those two. I love them so much that I hope the phrase ''big pimping'' gets turned into ''big pipping'' in honor of Kelly and her ability to teach hip hop culture to the daytime TV crowd. If it's possible to make Big Daddy Reege any cooler, Kelly may have done it. Tomorrow on Live: Kelly teaches the audience how to keep it crunk!