Friday, August 15, 2008

Future Headline: Pete Rose gets double ineligibility after attacking Bob Costas

JD's quotes:

Believe it or not, I think this is the first Baseball related post on 'Say what?'. To our Baseball quote enthusiasts who are shocked that we haven't even at least gotten in a Yogi Berra post...sorry about that. HBO's Costas NOW examined the current state of major league baseball and various Hall of Fame eligibility issues, like players whose stats don't seem as great compared to the steroid-induced stats that today's players often put up. Pete Rose had to show up live via satellite due to health issues. Apparently, this made a fine setting for a zinger. Host, Bob Costas gives Pete the following introduction:

''And now, Pete Rose had been planning to be with us, here in New York. And, despite a case of food poisoning-ever the gamer- he actually went to the airport before being grounded by his ailment. He will join us though, by satellite. He is, of course, the all-time hits leader. And, we really wanted to have him here. And, you know, w-what are the odds? Food poisoning - right before a big show like this. What are the odds of that? Actually, Pete, I'm thinking you probably know, the answer to that question. (Much applause ensues). . . Are you feeling better, Pete?''

Pete via satellite: ''Yeah, smartass.''

For those that don't know, Pete Rose is ineligible to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame because he gambled on Baseball games while playing for and later managing the Cincinnati Reds. I'd say Pete took that joke well, all things considered.