Tuesday, November 20, 2007

That FYI from Jeff Garlin could be a lie spawned from silliness. . .So, watch out.

Lucy's quote:

From Late Night with Conan O'Brien: Conan's former roommate and co-star of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Jeff Garlin sets up a clip for his movie I want someone to eat cheese with and gives us what might be inaccurate information...except for the dreidel. That we believe Jeff.

Jeff Garlin: '' I, uh, did all my own stunts...I made my costume out of rice...and I have a chocolate dreidel in my pants.''

Jeff Garlin is hopelessly silly. That's why I like him. He can't help himself. Sometimes I'll watch him and he gets this pre-grin expression on his face and I know that he knows he's going to say something that is silly and he's embarrassed by its somewhat superfluously silly nature but I also know that he knows that he's going to say it anyway. Like I said . . . The man just can't help his self. It's endearing.