Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Just one of the things that can ruin a marriage (Medical advice from Leon Phelps)

JD's quotes:

One of my favorite SNL characters was Leon Phelps-The Ladies' Man. He doles out advice during a call-in show with a lisp, some Courvoisier cognac and a 1970s fashion sense. One of the funniest things about Leon is that even though he is clearly a womanizer as well as an idiot, he genuinely is trying to help people. He's really trying to be a good guy and solve problems. . . He's a little bit like a black, swinger version of Dr. Phil.

SNL survivor, Tim Meadows as The Ladies' Man Leon Phelps helping a distraught male caller:

''Yeah, your wang is scared. I suggest that you get over it soon before your wife hooks up with someone with a more courageous wang.''

. . . Thanks, Leon. We'll all fight the dreaded wang fear that has been destroying marriages for hundreds of years! Sorry to be so dramatic but wang fear is a very serious and dramatic subject. I promise to keep it lighter in the next post. I hate dragging people down.

Putting the FUN in FUNerals: Our pick for best Mike Birbiglia quote and sentiment

Lucy and JD's quotes:

From Mike Birbiglia during his stand up act on Late Night With Conan O'Brien:

''I was at a funeral recently and they handed out Kleenex at the beginning of the funeral, which I thought was cocky.''

If you're not cool enough to understand that one, just take your time. I'm sure you'll get there. We have faith in you, grasshopper.

Watch the youtube clip of Mike's hilarious take on religious music: