Thursday, January 24, 2008

A St. Patrick's Day quote in advance

JD's quotes:

Scotland born actor David O'Hara played the scene-stealing Irishman in the epic movie Braveheart, famous for Mel Gibson running around with his face painted blue and a gigantic sword for something like 18 and a half hours. It was pretty good. While sitting through Titanic that one time I sat through it, I wished several times that instead of water flooding the ship, Mel Gibson and David O'Hara would burst into the room and take care of Leonardo DiCaprio once and for all.

In between gigantic battle scenes, William Wallace, Mel's character and historical icon of Scotland, is trying to expand his army as he travel's through the land. Enter Stephen, an Irishman who fled from Ireland because he's ''wanted''. Stephen, David O'Hara's character, refers to Ireland as ''my island'', wants to kill Englishmen for Wallace and from the start looks to the sky and converses with the almighty. After being asked about this quirk, he answers with what must be the greatest Celtic quote of all time:

''In order to find his equal, an Irishman is forced to talk to God.''

You've got to love Irish humility. Happy early St. Patty's Day, lads.

Check out Bob Newhart and old Bob Newhart show cronies spoofing Braveheart's popular William Wallace speech at the 1996 MTV Movie awards (Bob Newhart doing inspirational speeches...perfect):