Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Willie Nelson reflects on medicine, his military career and Texas training in autobiography ''Willie''

JD's quotes:

Willie Nelson in his Autobiography ''Willie'' [with Bud Shrake] touches on the main themes in his life...botany, inhospitable vacation spots and his financial contributions to the community... as well as of course love, music and farming.

Willie writes:

''Look at all the people whose lives were made better by the fact that I didn't care how fast I spent money.''

''I appreciate that the coca leaf grows in the ground, like a medicine.''

''The air force took my stripe away after one day.''

''The first thing a man in Texas was trained to do was to find the guy his wife was running around with and kill him.''

''I hobbled before the judge on crutches. The judge said, ''We're going to release you on the condition that you never come back to the Bahamas again.'' ''

Personally, I wouldn't go anywhere Willie Nelson wasn't invited.

Check out Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings in this charmingly corny music video for the song ''If I can find a clean shirt'':