Tuesday, February 12, 2008

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JD's non-quote (I'm just talking):

Hi everyone, I just wanted to give a shout out to our new friends at the recently made humor site at http://lazythirdeye.blogspot.com/ whose first post was written by none other than our own Lucy. Dumbfounding me, the post is called ''Top ten things you never get to hear in porn'' and the permalink is here: http://lazythirdeye.blogspot.com/2008/02/top-ten-things-you-never-get-to-hear-in.html

Best of luck to Lazy Third Eye on their new site and congratulations on a hilarious name...which happens to be the name of a condition I've been afflicted with, so I don't find it personally very funny. My third eye started to lose gumption back in the day after an incident with a unique chair lifting contest, and well...Anyway, please check them out.

Also, if you're a blogger of the humorous kind, you're going to want to check out Lazy Third Eye because they want to put your content on display. They want you to make a contribution post for them to publish and give you an advertisement in return. They want original content from you though, not permission to reprint. If you'd like to drive traffic to your site and you think you've got a good enough idea, get in touch with LTE and see if they like your site. They'll look at your site, if they like it, you can submit new material, they'll make sure it's original, then post your material, with your name or writing alias and your web address and put you on their list of humor blogs on the right. You must also link to them, such as we are doing now. We had no problem with that (we meaning Lucy because I didn't know about it until this morning) so, we got a spot on their site. You might be able to as well. Check them out.

Well, we've plugged Lazy Third Eye- a full day's work and now we'll get back to our regularly scheduled programming. Thanks for listening, keep coming back and please share with friends, family, people you've never met and those not good enough to make it past acquaintance status.


Oh Snap! That's...that's harsh. (A merciless Benny quote from The George Lopez Show)

Lucy's quotes:

Sadly, the George Lopez show isn't on the air for another season but they had a lot of great exchanges we can remember them by, especially with Belita Moreno as George's mom Benny. Here's one of many from when George's estranged father passes away (Death, a perfect breeding ground for comedy, you know it) :

Mr. Carrillo (played by Daniel Edward Mora): Hey, George, I heard about your dad. I'm very sorry.

George: Thanks

Mr. Carrillo: When's the service?

Angie (played by Constance Marie): It's Saturday, in Arizona. We're leaving tomorow.

Benny: Well, I'm not going...I was married to the guy. I saw enough of him laying down and not moving.

Check out a gratuitous youtube video clip of George on Jimmy Kimmel Live for no reason: