Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oh Snap! That's...that's harsh. (A merciless Benny quote from The George Lopez Show)

Lucy's quotes:

Sadly, the George Lopez show isn't on the air for another season but they had a lot of great exchanges we can remember them by, especially with Belita Moreno as George's mom Benny. Here's one of many from when George's estranged father passes away (Death, a perfect breeding ground for comedy, you know it) :

Mr. Carrillo (played by Daniel Edward Mora): Hey, George, I heard about your dad. I'm very sorry.

George: Thanks

Mr. Carrillo: When's the service?

Angie (played by Constance Marie): It's Saturday, in Arizona. We're leaving tomorow.

Benny: Well, I'm not going...I was married to the guy. I saw enough of him laying down and not moving.

Check out a gratuitous youtube video clip of George on Jimmy Kimmel Live for no reason:

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