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Doctors In Court: The Untold Story Revealed

(Cue the ominous music please): ...Ladies and Gentlemen,...I give you...the OTHER ''Say what''...

Okay, well, to be technical about it...We are ''Say what?'' and he is ''Say what?!'', not the same thing, really. That's a whole exclamation point's difference there, you see. Now that we've cleared that up, I'll tell you what I'm talking about. I'd like to plug one of my favorite sites which I found a few months ago, while trying to do searches for our site. I'm adding it to our blogroll too.


Here's a little background so you understand the quotes. The site is run by U.S. District Judge Jerry Buchmeyer who posts real life courtroom quotations, as in from actual trials and depositions that turned funny. I love this site. It's a web log also. I encourage everybody to check it out for a laugh. Although it received no comments, my post from Doctor William Campbell Douglass received several hits, so I'm encouraged to continue with my ''quotes from doctors'' label. This is from real life courtroom material here, once again.

Source: April 2004 post entitled: Defining the Specialties:

''This excerpt from the recent deposition of a doctor comes from Richard E. Hanson of Wichita Falls (Oldham & Hanson).

Q. But when it comes to a surgeon, you’re kind of separate and distinct from all the other medical specialties; that is, you actually go in and perform surgical procedures on the human body; is that correct?

A. Well, it brings to my mind an old aphorism. Internists, which is kind of what, in part, you know, gastroenterology is, they know everything but they don’t do anything. Now, surgeons aren’t supposed to know anything, but they do it all. Now, pathologists know everything and do everything, but it’s all too late. ''

Source: February 2000 post entitled: Subjective Complaints:

''From Nancy Doherty of Dallas (U.S. District Clerk of the Northern District of Texas), these "actual, unedited notes written by doctors on patients' medical charts".

The patient has no past history of suicide.

The patient is numb from the toes down.

The patient refused an autopsy.

The patient had waffles for breakfast and anorexia for lunch.

The patient has two teenage children, but no other abnormalities.

The patient's genitalia exam reveals that he is circus sized.

The patient is tearful and crying constantly. She also appears depressed.

The patient, while in the ER, was examined, x-rated, and sent home.

The patient stated that she had been constipated for most of her life until she got a divorce.''

Source: February 1997 post entitled: The Doctors Horn In:

''From Gerald B. Shifrin of Portland, Ore. - who "spent over 40 years practicing law on the Rio Grande in El Paso" - these excerpts from a newspaper story in The Oregonian showing "how the medical profession is trying to horn in on our humor." This is "actual dictation from actual doctors, as collected by medical transcriptionists."

''The patient injured her right fifth hand while playing basketball."

"SKIN: Somewhat pale but present."

"her children are 12, 10, and nine; husband is approximately the same age."

"Both the patient and the nurse reported passing flatus."

"Rectal examination revealed no masses but did show yellow shoes." ''

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