Sunday, January 20, 2008

The true importance of a ref (A Suspicious George Foreman Quote)

JD's quotes:

One good George Foreman quote deserves another. George after all, is the most quote-worthy of all the knockout-punchin', grill-pimpin', Bow-tie wearin', sermon preachin', former heavyweight boxing champions of the world! Okay, he's probably the only one, but still.

Anyway, George called the Roy Jones Jr. VS John Ruiz fight as HBO's resident former boxer/commentator in 2003. At the beginning of the fight George made this interesting prediction:

''This night, the referee is gonna be the most important man in the ring other than the fighters.''

Some might consider this a blooper and maybe it is...I have to wonder though. See, I know George is very polite but clever. He has on occasion mildly insulted people by wrapping a compliment around the insult first before he delivers it. Then, they don't really know what hit 'em. You never know with him. If I were the ref I might loosely consider the prospect of getting offended. Of course, if it really was a clever Foremanian insult, good for George. George was a boxer for decades, he probably knows Mills Lane was the only good boxing ref in the history of Queensberry rules... Oh yeah, I said it. I'm just edgy like that.

Check out George on the Australian Television show Rove Live hosted by Rove McManus: