Saturday, March 1, 2008

James Spader: Scolding The Boys In Blue (Quotes from The Practice)

~The refreshingly strange James Spader, in all his glory.

JD's quotes:

I've said it before and I'll say it again, The Practice is the best legal drama of them all. Some law shows are great when it comes to the stories and lacking when it comes to the characters. Some have great characters with lackluster storylines. David E. Kelley's The Practice was an all around creative success, to me, striking the perfect balance of interesting legal cases and great characters. I'm not sure what other show could've lost half of its main characters at once, one who was arguably THE star and still roll on with such quality. I cannot praise this show enough. Their addition of James Spader was perfectly fitting and carried on into The Practice's respective spin-off Boston Legal.

James Spader as ''ethically challenged'' attorney Alan Shore from the episode Concealing Evidence:

1. Judge Rodney White (Herb Mitchell) after Alan shows up late to court: Mr. Shore, this is a homicide case, you have better things to do?

Alan: Actually, I was searching for the real killer your honor. With O. J..

2. Alan to the firm: Ignorance is not only bliss, it happens to be constitutional.

3. Client of the week, Karen Evanson (played by Lisa Sheridan): Can I...hug you?
Alan: No! I don't hug clients...I grope them on occasion but I never hug.

4. After the police burst into the practice, officer number 1 says: Did anybody just come in here?

Alan: Six people in fact, dressed in blue.

Officer number 2: We're looking for a man, mid-thirties, jeans, blue jacket. He entered this building.

Alan: Is he a criminal?

Officer 2: He's a homicide suspect.

Alan: Homicide? My God, do you know what you've done? We represent murderers here. It's quite possible the man you speak of came into this building to hire us. With the six of you, guns out-Now he'll never come in. You may very well have cost us business officer. Bad policemen! Very Bad!

Special note: Officer number one was played by that guy from that thing and officer number two was played by, you know the one with the stuff from that place that did all those things. Although the exact names are not known, I hope that cleared it up.