Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stephen King's musings on coolness: It's a profound thing

JD & Lucy's Quote:

Stephen King plays with the minds of the thin-skinned with his recent EW column. He mentions that Tom Hanks-star of SK movie ''The Green Mile''- is the best consistently non-cool male actor and that Michael Crichton can't help being 6'9 and not cool. Stephen also seems to have a very high opinion of Viagra ADS? Here's a quote from his recently spat, mental loogie.

Stephen King: ''Many kinds of boots come with square toes, but they are not cool; boots with square toes are and always will be ''country s---kickers.'' ''

See who else Stephen slyly goofs with on this NTBTS list. [Not To Be Taken Seriously] ...by the way...Stephen King is cool...on his list. He can't help it.

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