Sunday, January 27, 2008

The negative impact of Irish culture...heheheh

Lucy's quote:

jimmy fallon~Any excuse to put up a Jimmy Fallon picture, you know me.

Jimmy Fallon, the cutest man ever on SNL..not counting Chris Kattan but that's really not the same breed of cute...Anyway, here's Jimmy setting back Irish culture a hundred years by exposing their most unsavory element:

The ironically Irish Jimmy Fallon: Workmen in Dublin have dug up a mysterious stone and metal box archaeologists believe is a time capsule, buried 200 years ago. Though it has not been opened, many hope it contains Ireland's long lost ''Good Recipes''.

Oh, snap! Aww yeah, he said it! Take that Mrs. O'Lorcan for slamming my lemon chicken! That oughta take you Irish folks down a few notches after JD threw ya'll a bone with that God quote a few days back. I didn't want you getting a bigger head over it...


...That goes double for you Mrs. O'Lorcan...I'm watching you.

Lucy VS Mrs. O'Lorcan continues in this post months later: