Sunday, July 13, 2008

Future Technological & Culinary Advancements Supported By The Irish People

Lucy's quotes:

ds9 ~ Alexander Siddig on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Meaney ~ Actor/author Colm Meany known best from Star Trek: DS9.

As an unabashed Trekkie, I had realized a few months after we started this site that I've never found a funny Star Trek line or scene from any of the Star Trek series that quite fit with ''Say what?'' and its preferred type of quotes. So, now that I've come across one, I'll break Star Trek's painful absent streak. In an episode entitled ''Take Me Out To The Holosuite'' the crew of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine attempts to learn the ancient Earth game of Baseball. Attempting to make the setting as realistic as possible, Ireland's Chief O'Brien has one of many memorable scenes with his best friend, Doctor Bashir, as follows:

Siddig El Fadil/Alexander Siddig as Doctor Julian Bashir: What are you eating?

Colm Meany as Chief Miles Edward O'Brien: I'm not eating, I'm chewing.

Doctor Bashir: Chewing what?

Chief O'Brien: Gum. It's traditional. I've had the replicator create me some.

Doctor Bashir: They just chewed it?

Chief O'Brien: No, they infuse the gum with flavor.

Doctor Bashir: What did you infuse it with?

Chief O'Brien: Scotch.

Some of you familiar with ''Say what?'' might be noticing a pattern with me and the Irish peoples. Something slightly adversarial. It's friendly, though. I assure you that this is okay. I had a roommate who was Irish once, so, it's okay. I'm not Italian or anything either so you shouldn't be offended (Yes, I know of the fabled Irish/Italian American feud). Heck, I was even Irish in college an experiment.

. . . Besides, this scene really wouldn't have been as funny if Chief O'Brien were English and flavored his gum with scotch. I mean, let's be honest...Heheheheh.

A PS from JD:

To all Irish readers of ''Say what?'': You should know that Lucy has a psychiatric disorder that makes her goad Irish people. Strangely, although she is not Italian, the doctors say that it's a genetic brain condition. It's important that you recognize that she is on medication for this but that the medication doesn't always work because it's a placebo (specifically a Lemonhead candy). This condition is exacerbated on days when her feud with her Irish neighbor, Mrs. O'Lorcan, gets ugly. Recently, after Lucy and Mrs. O'Lorcan tried to patch things up for the fourth of July picnic, old lady O'Lorcan implied that Lucy's cat was ugly because it has kind of a lazy eye. For some reason, this set her condition off again. It's kind of sad really. I mean, just because one old Irish lady rubs you the wrong way...oh well. Like I said, it's a condition. In defense of Mrs. O'Lorcan, the cat really does have a screwy eye that detracts from it's over all aesthetics. And, in further defense of Lucy, she really was Irish in college with a roommate so, we should all be friends here.

PPS: Lucy cannot see this message because people with her condition are incapable of seeing the color blue, so if you comment on this post, make sure not to mention this disclaimer. Thanks for your patience and understanding with this rare and incurable illness.

This disclaimer is paid for by the CADF- Celtica Agressiona Dementia Foundation. To Donate, call (555) 555-5555 extension 5555 and ask for Shamus or Colleen. We're very close to a cure with your help.

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