Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Friendly Advice From The Man In Black On Prison Safety circa 1969

JD's quotes:

The famous Johnny Cash concerts done behind the walls of the Folsom and San Quentin prison are now legendary. The other night I caught the documentary on it which cut from prisoners sharing their own stories to Johnny talking and singing on stage. At the beginning of the documentary Johnny is singing ''I walk the line'' and starts to snicker as he stares off into the audience. One of the cameramen was doing something Big John needed to comment on. While laughing, he offered the following advice:

''You better not bend over there with that camera like that...Man, you in the wrong place to bend over; don't you know it? ...Get up from there with that camera!''

The man in black was always full of wise words but those were easily some of the wisest.

At the bottom are three Johnny Cash videos. They are:

Johnny Cash Live in San Quentin singing ''A Boy Named Sue'' by the musical madman Shel Silverstein-You can purchase the concert on CD from:

Johnny Cash doing an impersonation of Elvis-er-some heretofore unnamed rock and roll singer rather-You can purchase the concert on DVD from:

Johnny Cash singing Jackson and Orange Blossom Special with the muppets and Miss Piggy-you'll have to save this web page if you want to watch it again, I don't know where you can purchase this: Enjoy!