Monday, December 3, 2007

Mike Tyson...pure romance: The quotes that are better than Barry White music

JD'S quotes:

Okay, just for our commenter, Dig, I'm going to do some more Boxing stuff. First, let's do more Mike Tyson. Anyone who doesn't think Mike has a sweet side should see this. Please, keep in mind that this is from THREE SEPARATE INTERVIEWS...

Mike, charming a female journalist like the sweet talker that he is:

''I normally don't do interviews with womens unless I fornicate with them''
Mike explaining his supposed unique physical situation:
''I may like fornicating more than other people, it's just who I am.''

Mike on the riches of fame and fortune in his blessed life:
''I never dreamed of fornicating with many as beautiful women as I did.''

If this isn't enough to convince you that Mike is just like a bulky Don Juan, he also is a singer with the voice of an he is on ''Jimmy Kimmel Live'' doing a duet with Bobby Brown which might bring a tear to your eye...although it might be a tear of excruciating pain more than anything else: