Monday, December 3, 2007

Mike Tyson...pure romance: The quotes that are better than Barry White music

JD'S quotes:

Okay, just for our commenter, Dig, I'm going to do some more Boxing stuff. First, let's do more Mike Tyson. Anyone who doesn't think Mike has a sweet side should see this. Please, keep in mind that this is from THREE SEPARATE INTERVIEWS...

Mike, charming a female journalist like the sweet talker that he is:

''I normally don't do interviews with womens unless I fornicate with them''
Mike explaining his supposed unique physical situation:
''I may like fornicating more than other people, it's just who I am.''

Mike on the riches of fame and fortune in his blessed life:
''I never dreamed of fornicating with many as beautiful women as I did.''

If this isn't enough to convince you that Mike is just like a bulky Don Juan, he also is a singer with the voice of an he is on ''Jimmy Kimmel Live'' doing a duet with Bobby Brown which might bring a tear to your eye...although it might be a tear of excruciating pain more than anything else:


John from New Rock said...

My God-That was HORRIFYING! ROFLMAO! You can't even understand them hardly! That may have been the worst thing I've ever seen but...I will watch this ten more times because I can't help myself!

Butchie said...

I want some quotes from Screech's sex tape! THAT was AWESOME!

Sam and Ella said...

Oh c'monnnnnnnnnnn! Mike's voice was NEVRE that low....EVER. But seriously is he not buttass ugly though?

PCguy said...

Ron Paul 2008!!!

He's NEVER voted to increase taxes and he thinks Bush is a Bitch!

Ron-yes I'm aware of the irony said...

Yeah to pcguy, like this is really the appropriate venue to talk about Ron Paul you Paul Spamming moron. Like all the blogs of the world want to read about every kook who supports a guy who thinks someone in Arizona shouldn't have to pay taxes to help hurricane Katrina victims. Ron Paul is the resident crazy in congress! Stop telling everybody about how he's going to win the election. Are you brain dead?

Aaron said...

Mike Tyson is an ugly rapist punk that got his arse beaten by Lennox Lewis. Lewis would've beaten Tyson in his prime too, no question. Why would Jimmy Kimmel even allow a rapist onto his show? Michael Vick is the devil but a rapist is just fun to watch, is that it? Why does anybody put up with these celebrity maniacs and perverts like Michael Jackson, Mike Tyson, Woody Allen and Roman Polansky anyway? Because you can dance, punch or make movies doesn't excuse you. I'm not trying to bring you down or anything, this is a fun site but I just get sick when I see this, it's like condoning him or whatever.