Sunday, December 2, 2007

Mike Tyson's dating method? (Larry Merchant quotes, for the boxing romantic)

JD's quotes:

Once upon a time...the greatest boxing commentator in all the land said something that could easily be misconstrued... Larry Merchant speaking of then heavyweight champ, Mike Tyson as Tyson made his way to the ring in his prime, stated:

''Mike has termed this phase of a fight, his favorite phase. He calls it ''like going out on a date'', it's finally gonna happen...Of course, his idea of a date... is Wham Bam, thank you, sir.''

...Larry, be honest...Were you trying to pick a fight, here? Also, here's a treat for Larry's fans who want to see him be more ''hands on'' with the audience:


Diggity Dig said...

I don't see anything for the video but yeah that's funny man. I'd like to see more Larry stuff too, he's always saying that kind of stuff. Everybody thinks he's a senile, lol. I'd like any Tyson quotes too, hes senile and hes not even near Larry's age.

For Saranda: Don't bother coming back, I trained my dog to bite you site on seen...for real.

JD and Lucy said...

Okay Dig, thanks for the request...and for warning your friend.


Devon said...

Oh, it's a shame that you can't see that video, that is priceless. I don't remember that, anybody know which fight that was? I don't even know that fighter really.