Thursday, January 31, 2008

How dare you imply the British aren't the horndogs we all know they are!

~I dare you to find a Mel Brooks movie that doesn't involve any cleavage...I outright dare you.

JD'S quotes:
Let's take a look back at the Mel Brooks parody of Bram Stoker's Dracula called Dracula: Dead and loving it. Here are some of the bits that stayed with me:

Mark Blankfield as Martin: Oh, McManus, the patient in the west wing?
Harvey Korman as Dr. Seward: Yes.
Martin: He's having a conniption fit
Dr. Seward: Oh, give 'em an enema
Martin: ...An enema?

Dr. Seward: Yes. It'll give him a feeling of accomplishment

2. Dr. Seward: Oh, Count Dracula, allow me to introduce Professor Abraham Van Helsing of London University. He is a doctor of rare diseases as well as theology and philosophy.
Mel Brooks as Professor Van Helsing: And Gynecology
Dr. Seward: Oh, I didn't know you had your hand in that too.

3. Steven Weber as Jonathan Harker: Are you saying that Count Dracula is our vampire?
Van Helsing: Yes...and no.
Harker: Then what are you saying?
Van Helsing: I'm saying no,...but I'm leeeaning towards yes.
Dr. Seward: Then you're saying yes.
Van Helsing: No.
Dr. Seward: Then it's no.
Van Helsing: Not necessarily.
Harker: You sound dubious.
Van Helsing: No, I'm positive.
Harker: Of what?
Van Helsing: My theory!
Harker: And that would be?
Van Helsing: The theory of yes...or no.

4. Lysette Anthony as Lucy: Jonathan, let me kiss you. Let me show you the deep, raw, passionate, unbridled, sexual frenzy.
Jonathan Harker: Eh-eh, but Lucy,... I'm British.

Check out arguably the most classic scene in the movie with Harvey Korman and Peter MacNicol (playing Renfield):