Monday, October 6, 2008

Google Page Rank Hates Us But We Are Standing Tall. Okay, we're standing slightly hunched and cowardly but that's neither here nor there. . .

Okay, what's there to say? We almost gave up. Uh-huh. We almost gave up. We got tired of having no Google page rank and crappy traffic. TIRED! I know, we're whiney. But so was yo mama! Okay, whoa. Let's stop right there. There's no need to escalate. We apologize. That was totally uncalled for. So, anyway. . . We're bloody freakin' back now. 'Say what?' is back, baby! Ignore that exclamation point. It might come across too enthusiastic. Preppy, even.

We're going to try another experiment and post every day for a few weeks. Or we'll fail to do that and instead watch youtube videos of cartoon monkeys. I'm not sure which. Who cares? Both things are productive or at the very least, not damaging to society that much.

We're proud to announce that one of the two of us has a scary new blog that is only three posts old. It's Lucy who now has the blog formally and informally known as ''The Nearly Reformed Jive Turkeys Club''. Check that out. Also, she is starting guest posts at McGhee's Review. Due to an unfortunate cable blow-out, she had to forgo her second nearly consecutive post there but she did get the one under her belt at: A short and simple review of SNL's third episode of Season 34

So, we're happy to be back with you anonymous readers that we'll pretend exist. . . and anyone else, too, I guess. Real or pretend, we don't discriminate. Wish us luck. Or don't. Either way, we'll pretend you did, so you might as well do it. Sorry if that sounded menacing or intimidating. It wasn't meant to. Okay, yes it was. But, sorry.

~JD and Lucy