Monday, August 4, 2008

Incidentally, 'Golf' Backwards Is 'Flog'.

~ Just look at 'er. You know she's about to say something good.

Lucy's quotes:

Ladies and Germs, this is Oprah and The Oprah Winfrey Show's first appearance on Say what?, miraculous as it may seem. Now, I'm not a regular Oprah watcher because they clearly give the audience some type of hallucinogenic drug to rev 'em up like that. Oprah says something like ''I love Versace house slippers!'' and 500 women act like their seats are made by the manufacturers of the Sybian. And, I'm like 'house slippers can't be that good'. However, I did catch yesterday's episode called '237 Reasons To Have Sex', which explored subjects like open marriages and friends with benefits. Dr. Pepper Schwartz was there...No, I didn't make that name up . . . Her name is Pepper and she's a frickin' doctor. No lie.

Anyway, after interviewing people on the street, they got a hold of a 65-year-old woman named Winnie who claims to have had sexy time with her husband in return for a new house. Any objections you may have aside, I say, if your sexy time is still (or ever) worth new-house-value at 65, you probably take vitamins and do yoga 'cause you're doing something right. Today's quote takes place after Winnie admits that her and her husband have sexy time in all sorts of places, prompting the following exchange:

Winnie, the audience member:

''We live on the golf course so we use the golf course at night.''


''That's too good. I-That was just too good. 'Cause you know everybody wants to know what hole.''

. . . Apparently, it was the 16th hole . . . But I'm not even sure that's physically possible!


Fitzgerald said...

OK, you made me laugh. And the nearest golf course is only a nine holer, so I've got that going for me. What ever that is supposed to mean, actually it is a quote from Caddy Shack (the quintessential golf movie by the way). As they say, "It's in the hole!"

RennyBA said...

Well, I'm a golfer too - even if the season is short in Norway - but I got it anyway :-)

Pale Gurl / TCRazzi said...

Oh Oprah!! Always conversing about Vag jay jays and holes...classic! you know where I can score some of the drugs her audience is on? Do I have to be in Chicago to get some?

Very funny stuff!