Saturday, November 10, 2007

I can only imagine: Dane Cook leaves quote up to the imagination

Lucy's quotes:

Dane Cook on his HBO comedy special, Vicious Circle:

''Guys, we will go to our friend's HOUSE. We will wake people to tell this story, right? (Knocking sounds) Jason! (Knocking) Jason, dude, I'm sorry to wake you up. I'm sorry to wake you, bro. Do you remember that chick that I left with earlier tonight? Hoohhhhhh. . .C'Mere. . .Smell my EYES. . .Just smell my eyes, I'll tell you what happened.''

What?!!! What, damn it!???!!!??!!! What the crunk happened with that girl?!!! Sorry, I just really want to know. What could she have done with Dane? How could she have left a noticeable odor on his eyes, people? How? Why? It's killing me! What kind of kinky sex act could've been performed on this man? I need to go do some research now. Later.

Check out a VERY young Dane Cook:


Anonymous said...

Oh, I know what happened with the eyes...oh yes...oh yes I do.

The Great Sandette said...

ROFLMAO, yeah, you wanna tell the rest of us what happened then?

~Waits patiently with arms crossed

Anonymous said... involves a turkey baster, some candles and a little slow trip-hop groove on the stereo...oh yeah...think about it Sandy baby, think about it.

~Anonymous in Seattle

Bogey said...

Dane Crook is an overated fratboy BEE-OTCH!