Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hear us roar or howl?: Republican chauvinism made funny by 30 Rock

Lucy's quotes:

Today's post should be like a bullet- Fast and deadly. The quote in question?
Alec Baldwin as eccentric right-wing Reagan enthusiast Jack Donaghy on the Tina Fey creation 30 Rock:

''I like when a woman has ambition. It's like seeing a dog wearing clothes.''

Tina Fey was quoted in the New York Post as saying:

"I may be the only 'SNL' alumnus who has created a character based on Lorne who's not lying about it,"

Of course, she's referring to Lorne Michaels and his similarities to Mike Myers' Dr. Evil character in the Austin Powers flicks among others. I don't know if Lorne is specifically the inspiration for Tina's astute riffs regarding the republican party mind-set but if he is, I'm shocked. How could my beloved SNL be run by that kind of a c-c-c-c-conservative?

FOR 30 Rock fans only: I wonder if Lorne Michaels has a creepy cookie jar collection too!

Not familiar with 30 Rock? Here's a good intro to the premise:

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