Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Foster Brooks did NOT play an alcoholic!

JD's quotes:

Famous for his appearances opening for Perry Como and on the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts and the Dean Martin Show, Foster Brooks played himself up as a good old-fashioned drunk. A drunk mind you, not an alcoholic... He didn't have to go to those pesky meetings if ya catch my drift- wink wink, nudge nudge. Here are a few of Foster's quotes [with stutters included but minus some of the other noises that I don't know how to type out]:

''In all fair-In all fairness to myself, I think I must say that I have a very good re-reason for bein' loaded tonight...I've b-I've been drinking all day!''

''I was in the service...Um...Oh and I might say that I was in the tough-toughest outfit of them all... I was in the Naval-Naval Air Force... Ever try forcin' air through a navel?''

''My-my late father-in-law was-was a Polish sea captain...when he passed away like they do sometimes, you know...his last request was that he be bur-buried at sea...two of my brothers-in-law drowned diggin' his grave.''

Check out Foster cracking Dean Martin up:

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