Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A poor review of the comic stylings of Muhammad Ali

JD's quotes:

Greatest Of All Time Howard Cosell

The Muhammad Ali VS Ernie Terrell fight in 1967 is now known as the ''What's my name?'' fight. About a week after the fight took place ABC's Wide World of Sports saw Howard Cosell and Muhammad Ali watching a tape of the fight and discussing it. They watched selected rounds from the fight only, not the full bout. This review saw one of many funny exchanges between the legendary heavyweight champion and the accomplished sports journalist.

Howard Cosell and Muhammad Ali's verbal exchanges were frequently amusing as Ali found an often sympathetic but not at all submissive man in the media.

During the ABC presentation with Cosell and Ali sitting in chairs next to each other, and watching the fight together, after Ali gives an answer Cosell finds well put:

Cosell: You are NOT a stupid boy. Let's look at rounds-

Ali speaking over him: Thank you Howard, you're not as dumb as you look

Cosell: . . . Let's look at rounds 14 and 15 . . .They should be coming up in just a second . . . Stop smiling-you're not so funny.

This was followed by Ali and Cosell chuckling at themselves.

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Bubthebuilder said...

That's funny but you know, I just wanna say if you look at it, Muhammad was NOT the greatest of all time. He had a lot of crappy fights. Did you see him on Ringside the other night? When they showed his fight with Oscar Bonavena? Dismal!