Sunday, January 13, 2008

A prepared statement from former Sheriff Con Stapleton:

JD's quotes:

We've had a request for more Deadwood quotes, so we'll do a few this week now that I've had a chance to rewatch several episodes. Check out our new Completely Inane Blog Survey this week on the right hand side of the screen and vote for your least likable character. As far as the survey goes, keep in mind, the actors may be great, I'm just talking about the characters, that's all.

This quote is from a scene where Con Stapleton, Cy Tolliver's henchman and former Deadwood Sheriff stands outside the room of an actress who'd previously sunken just low enough to get jiggy with him. He pulls out a piece of paper to read from and recites a romantic plea to her door.

Peter Jason as Con Stapleton on HBO's brilliantly written and poorly ended series, Deadwood:

''I prayed it would pass...but it's a constant f*ckin' sore spot N' throb. You are a constant vision before and your fabulous bosoms. I beg you, release your Man-Stallion from his He-Stable for another gallop 'round the ring.''

Stay tuned for more Deadwood quotes this week, although most won't be quite as IS Deadwood after all.


Bill said...

I absolutely CAN'T STAND Bullock. He is a pompous turd and he and Mrs. Garret deserved each other completely, I multivoted. One for OTHER-Bullock, One for haughtyass Mrs. Garret and one for Tolliver because he's just an asshole, lol. As far as inane surveys go, I liked that one. Can we get some Calamity Jane quotes in here?

JD and Lucy said...

Bullock turditude is duly noted. Thanks Bill.

~JD and Lucy

Lace said...


Anonymous said...

Deadwood's okay, how bout some Sopranos quotes?

JD and Lucy said...

There you go anonymous, I've quoted the Sopranos. . .Isn't it nice to know that we're so obliging?


Anonymous said...

I voted for *other* for Alma's dad, that's the actor who played the dad on Boy Meet's World and he must be great because I severely disliked that C*cksucker!!!!!!!!