Saturday, February 16, 2008

American Dad inadvertently advocates for the health benefits of the pomegranate

~The very talented cast of American Dad

JD's quotes:
Today's quote comes from Seth MacFarlane's other brainchild, the also animated American Dad, which is the next best thing to Family Guy. Although Family Guy is easily my favorite of the two, American Dad is growing on me a bit. I especially like Roger, the alien who could not remind me more of Paul Lynde.

Roger (Voiced by Seth MacFarlane himself): Ah, it was a pomegranate. That's what was in my teeth. Look at this thing. Looks like a woman's baby cannon.

Stan (Also voiced by Seth): I know we're in the middle of a show but that was American Dad's 1,000th vagina joke!

Roger: Oh my God!

Steve (Voiced by Scott Grimes- who also plays Dr. Morris on ER): Your brand new Cutlass Supreme is waiting outside.
Anonymous audience member (Voiced by anonymous person): Speech! Speech!

Roger: Ok-Okay, Okay! Thank you. Um, wow, our 1,000th vagina joke. Gosh, where do I start? Um, I guess I'd like to thank vaginas everywhere. They're creepy and I don't know what they're for but boy are they funny. Thank you!

Congratulations to American Dad on this milestone achievement. Thanks to our quoting this scene, 'Say what?' is now achieving its first usage of the word vagina. So, congratulations to us as well. We simply couldn't be prouder.

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