Saturday, February 2, 2008

I just did NOT see that one coming (The devastating Tina Fey quote)

Lucy's quote:

Tina Fey delivered some of the most brutal lines of SNL's Weekend Update and did it with the kind of skillful sarcasm you have to learn in a Ninjitsu class. In some special Ninja cults, they actually worship Tina Fey, true story. Anyway, here she is with some important health information from WU:

Master Tina: ''In Women's Health News, the FDA announced that it has approved ''NuvaRing'', a new highly effective birth control device for women. NuvaRing is 2 inches long and releases a continuous low dose of estrogen. Just like Michael Jackson's penis.''

Tina FeyVSMichael Jackson...No doubt Tina would put the smack down on Michael, is there?...I mean, come on.

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