Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mel Brooks always co-stars with sibling midgets

~Once again, we dare you to find a Mel Brooks movie where cleavage isn't in one of the starring roles. We double-butted dog dare you and the horse you rode in on to find one Mel Brooks movie-no wait...If there is one, then I don't want to know about it...I happen to like the norm on this one. Hey, when's he coming out with another movie? (By the way, that's Mel in the middle with Harvey Korman on the left and ...three people I don't know on the right.)

JD's quotes:

Today's quote is from the film accredited with having the first ever flatulence scene in the history of movies and good for them doggone it! The movie was Blazing Saddles and starred Gene Wilder, Cleavon Little, Harvey Korman, Mel Brooks and a few others. Here's a quote from Mel and Harvey in the very scene pictured above:

Harvey Korman as Attorney General Hedley Lamarr(Not to be confused with Hedy Lamarr, ha ha ha): Just one more bill for you to sign sir.
Mel Brooks as Governor William J. Le Petomane: What the hell is this?
Lamarr: This is the bill that will convert the state hospital for the insane into the ''William J. Le Petomane Memorial Gambling Casino for the Insane.''
Governor Le Petomane: Gentleman, this bill will be a giant step forward in the treatment, of the insane gambler.

Talk about an accurately portrayed government. I want to share another thing with you. Well,...Brooks named his character after a somewhat famous person...check out that famous person's history here: Le PĂ©tomane - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia~Enjoy that.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, how DO those midgets get smuggled in there anyway? heheheh