Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bill Maher on why it's funny

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On Friday's new Real Time With Bill Maher, Bill has managed to get his show onto Say what? for their fourth appearance with not only a funny joke but by explaining it to everyone who already gets it. I love it when he does that to amuse himself. It gives me the wicked giggles.

Bill Maher in his monologue after mentioning that Hillary Clinton accused Barack Obama of plagiarizing in his speeches:

''You know, politicians, they all steal. We found this out 'cause they investigated it this week now that it became an issue. In her closing statement, she ripped off something...that Bill Clinton used to say. And he got it from Kennedy, who got it from FDR, who got it from Lincoln, who got it from McCain. ...He's old!''

Okay comedians, we get it. You have to exaggerate some specific trait of each person in the news, including politicians. We get that. But, be careful though. Some people tried to portray Bill ''Slick Willie'' Clinton as a dumb hillbilly at first but he turned out to be pretty clever. What if you make fun of John McCain for being old and he gets into office and we all get to know him better and realize that-oh. Okay, I guess that one can't really backfire. Never mind, go ahead, he's really old, stick with that one...good choice.

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