Saturday, February 23, 2008

Skinhead White Supremacists contemplate complex sociological implications in a philosophical capacity with... just a touch of sentimentality

JD's quotes:

my name is earl ~The cast of My Name Is Earl

Today's quote is from the very funny children's show for adults-My Name Is Earl. MNIE stars Jason Lee as the title character and I can't remember who plays his mustache. So, here's the scene...Earl has been put in prison, unlike jail, which he's well accustomed to. He's out in the yard where the weights are, trying to steal a pair of sunglasses from one of the skinhead white supremacists so he can make a shiv out of it. Two skinheads are talking, and this is the part of the conversation we get to hear:

White Supremacist inmate one: How 'bout you? Would you hate Martin Luther King more if he'd been Indian?

White Supremacist inmate two: ...Okay, yeah. I'd hate him more if he'd been Indian. Unless he was Cherokee...A Cherokee once saved my black grandpa from drowning...Oops.

And this has been...another intellectual moment from the white supremacists. Stay tuned next time as they ask themselves if white onions are superior to red and yellow ones,... since even the white ones have colored tops. Does the green part make them impure? Hmm...find out next week with some of the top academic authorities of the white supremacist movement.

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