Friday, March 14, 2008

Confucius say ''She who can do cartwheel can do anything, damn it!''

Lucy's quote:

Lauren%20Ambrose-JTM-025773.jpg~Parker Posey with new co-star Lauren Ambrose

Amy Sherman-Palladino's (Creator of Gilmore Girls) new show The Return of Jezebel James premiered today and immediately makes it onto Say what?. Not bad. The show stars Parker Posey playing successful book editor Sarah Thomkins and Lauren Ambrose (formerly Claire Fisher on HBO's Six Feet Under) playing her flaky little sister Coco Thomkins. Posey's character in the pilot episode realizes she wants a baby on a whim and is told by her doctor that it's impossible. Enter the following lines:

Sarah: Are you telling me I can't get pregnant?
Sarah's Doctor (Played by Amy Hill): Yes.
Sarah: No. I can get pregnant.
Doctor: Sarah!
Sarah: I can! Look. In high school, I really wanted to be a cheerleader, okay? But, I couldn't do a cartwheel. And to be a cheerleader, you had to do a cartwheel. So, one day, I went out into the backyard and I told myself ''I'm not going back in until I can do a cartwheel perfectly, both ways.''...I was back by dinner.
Doctor: This isn't a cartwheel.
Sarah: Cartwheels are hard.

To be continued...

Later on, Sarah consults her estranged little sister in order to ask her if she'll have a baby for her. Having not even bothered to mention why she'd ask, her sister freaks out. Sarah tells her the reason finally and when she does, we get this beautifully delayed punch line:

Sarah: I had the tests. I-The doctor said that I can't.
Coco: ...Did you tell him about the cartwheels?

PS: Who agrees with me that Buddy-the guy working with Sarah- bears a freakish similarity to George on Grey's Anatomy aka T. R. Knight? I checked, his name is Michael Arden and he's not T. R. Knight's little brother. Oh well.

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